The View from the Checkout Line

I am not much of a shopper. In fact, I avoid it whenever I am able and sometimes I look for reasons not to shop. Recently, I was in a local general store standing in line among individuals of a variety of ages. As we all wait for the line to slowly diminish, children are picking at the items deliberating put at a location for spontaneous buyers and children’s hands to reach. Candy, minor and inexpensive gadgets have the children’s attention. As everyone is waiting “patiently” my eyes scan the area and at eye level of the children is a magazine with a physically beautiful face. The cover of the magazine exposes an amount of skin that made me feel as if I was looking at pornography. I caught myself looking around thinking I was in the wrong establishment. But no! I was in the local market. I felt uncomfortable and disturbed at a site that God made to be shared with one man in that woman’s life and certainly didn’t create to be exposed to children at the local market. At least in my childhood this type of exposure was covered behind the counter and asked for discreetly, as if with shame. But in just a few years the boundaries have disappeared and sexual images seem to blend in as natural and shameless. I can’t help but ponder that image of women that is developed in male and female children as they grow up to be adults in this “no boundary” society.

How does God see our “no boundary” society?


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