The Stumbling Block of Pride

I encountered an acquaintance today with a heavy heart and concern on his mind. His focus was on the ground when he walked up the path to the front door with a box of gourmet cookies to share. His intentions with the brightly colored box of sweet treats did not match the expression on his face. I assumed I knew the sadness in his appearance was due to a recent announcement that his employer is cutting jobs. This is not the time to be questioned about your job performance but he was questioned. He shared with me he was struggling with being looked down upon and the idea that someone was thinking that he couldn’t fulfill his job duties. He continued by explaining that he feels he has been succeeding at his career for many years and of course, he believes he can continue to do so.

Stepping back, I replayed the past few minutes of conversation and watched as his eyes remained in a downward direction. My heart felt a burden and sadness but I couldn’t continue without putting Jesus in the forefront. Boldly, I asked about his faith. He expressed that he knows Jesus but is not where he should be but thankfully he certainly isn’t where he used to be. Another bold comment shot from my mouth without thinking… “you are a prideful man”. Now I recognized this acquaintance; his eyes sparkled and he stood up straight, appearing much more alive than before.

Why do we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior then carry the world on our own shoulders? This gentleman shared how much he would be crushed if he lost his job. I understand that fleshly concern completely! But why do we put so much faith and security in our employer? Sometimes to the point that the employer becomes a god. We wake up one day and realize that we are more committed to our jobs than our Savior and expect things from them that our Savior says He will provide. We are not to worry about tomorrow but when this type of fear sets in we only think of tomorrow as being a nightmare instead of an opportunity. My friend was attempting to carry burdens we are not made to carry.

Jesus asks us in 1 Peter 5: 6 – 7 to humble ourselves and cast our cares on Him. Let’s thank the Lord for everything that He provides to us. And ask Him to remove our pride that hinders our relationship with Him and keeps us from trusting Him. And help us to see every blessing that He showers us with. Let’s live and work for God, keeping our faith in Him and give Him the glory!

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