Top Sail beach NC

Independence and Freedom!

Top Sail beach NC
Top Sail Beach NC

America’s 241st birthday was a few days ago and my husband and I planned a road trip with our Boarder Collie/Australian Shepherd, Ty.  Our destination was a lovely beach in North Carolina with the plans to spend a few days celebrating our Independence Day. This was the first time either of us experienced this part of the country. While driving through Virginia we spoke of the history leading up to July 4, 1776 and our freedoms we are blessed with due to the events our Founding Fathers made happen. Our conversation continued about a few wars since then and their purposes including all the lives that have been sacrificed for our freedoms.

While traveling through North Carolina I noticed yard signs in a few yards. They stood about 30 inches off the ground and had an orange background with yellow radiating on the perimeter giving a glowing effect resembling the sun. Centered in black print were the words “Thank you Jesus”. After seeing a few I was hoping to have my camera ready to get a picture but that never did work out. The first few signs I saw was in the same neighborhood so I originally thought neighbors attended the same church and church members were putting these yards sign up, what a great idea! But on our way home we took a slightly different route and seen more signs including a few in the beautiful state of Virginia.

Although I still do not know the intent behind the signs or where they came from but thankfully we have the freedom to post those signs. I thank you Jesus! Thank you for the freedom that we have in America. I thank You especially for the spiritual freedoms we have in You!

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