Joy Ranch

Don’t Forget


Joy Ranch
View from Joy Ranch campground

We are traveling for the next few  months and are currently in South Dakota, a state that I have never experienced before. As we arrived and were driving through the mostly flat grasslands, I kept thinking about a television show from my childhood, Little House on the Prairie and expecting Ma and Pa to ride past on their horse and wagon anytime. We soon seen a road sign indicating the direction and turn off to visit the childhood home of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I thought, “now this makes sense, I have never been here but I do recognize it.”
The location we parked our 5th wheel was more like a truck stop for RV’s so we quickly researched the local area and found a place called Joy Ranch. We fell in love with the 1880’s church on the grounds and the peaceful lake surrounded with rolling hills and flat plains along with the mission of their existence. I imagined taking a morning stroll by the lake each day and enjoying the sunsets each evening while sitting by the campfire. This is a tranquil and peaceful area and I was excited to get moved from the place we referred to as the RV truck stop.
We got set up and soon discovered we have no internet and can only get 4 radio stations and none of them are similar to the Christian radio I am used to listening to. I instantly started complaining that I am cut off from the world and had more options at the previous site. I don’t have access to my favorite radio programs that I am so comfortable tuning into. North Korea is in the news and I would like to keep up on how Trump will be responding. I quickly dwelt on the negative of being removed from my comforts. It took me a day to realize that I was acting like the Israelites in the wilderness.
The Israelites complained when things of their comfort were removed and considered going back to slavery in Egypt when they felt they were lacking. Moses had a fear that they would get to the Promise land and forget their God and everything He had done for them. I have since settled down and am enjoying being cut off from a few everyday modern luxuries. I have figured out a way to access the internet occasionally. Most importantly, I have peace and quiet, time to think, prayer time without interruption and an opportunity to be still, while enjoying nature that I would typically be too busy to notice.


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