Hoof Beat Trail at Joy Ranch

A Great Day!


Hoof Beat Trail at Joy Ranch


This sun filled day is perfect for shorts and a sweatshirt. I was privileged today to have time available to give to others. We are temporarily staying at Joy Ranch in South Dakota while my husband is working in the area. I have let Joy Ranch know that I have some free time to give and they are taking me up on my offer. Short on staff, their office staff and all employees were pitching in where needed to make the day special for each guest. I was able to help wash dishes and clean the dining room after the guest were served lunch.

As I thought my time was over for the day, I was walking down Hoof Beat Trail back to my 5th wheel when I turned and looked behind me and approaching on the trail was an employee giving the guest wagon rides throughout the Ranch. I had the opportunity to ride along. We slowly traveled past horse pastures, barns, Eeyore the cross back donkey along with other animals and beautiful views. The guests on this day were adults with special needs. I have not experienced volunteering with special needs adults but totally enjoyed riding along with them today. I was surrounded by so many happy faces. I watched as the driver of the wagon made sure they were safe, comfortable, smiling and giving a thumbs up or wave when possible. He helped each guest on and off the wagon with whatever assistance they needed and intentionally spoke individually to each guest, calling them by name.

When I left for the afternoon I looked back and seen the pontoon boat running across the lake filled with the same guest. Once done with the wagon ride they made their way down to the lake. Joy Ranch is set up for all, with a handicap accessible trail to the water so everyone can enjoy the pleasures. The shoreline was packed with others awaiting their turn on the water with the beautiful clear blue sky above. This was a great day for a boat ride.

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