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I enjoy listening to Christian radio for the sermons, music and the talk. While we have been traveling I have not been able to experience my favorite station, Moody radio. I can’t get a Moody station to come in where we have the 5th wheel parked and I have been missing it, but with today’s technology I could get connected to it briefly this morning through an app on my phone.

While enjoying my morning, Dr. Linda Mintel joined the morning show on Moody and was speaking about loneliness in the country and its overwhelming effects. I found this segment interesting and eye opening. I spent about 8 years single and had some ups and downs with loneliness but I do not believe it was a major obstacle in my singleness. Being an introvert, I probably enjoyed more of my alone time than some typically would have. But there were moments when I would be in a large group of people and I would feel lonelier there than I would while being alone in my own apartment.

Although, I believe loneliness can affect married people also I instantly think of singles when loneliness is mentioned. While I was single I was quite active and am thankful loneliness didn’t set in as deep as I image it could have. Typically, I worked a lot of overtime to compensate the single income, worked out, volunteered and kept active in my church. These activities probably played a huge role in my survival but I think we can still experience loneliness even during those busy activities. As we can be busy and still not have a satisfaction of communication and company. Dr. Linda Mintel mentioned in her blog many ways to avoid loneliness:

via 8 Ways to Combat the Loneliness Epidemic – Doing Life Together

If you read Linda’s point on #7 you will see she touches on Jesus’ loneliness in a major way that I wasn’t thinking of.

Her example is so true.  Before reading Linda’s blog, my focus on Jesus and His loneliness was that Jesus was single and he was intently focused on his purpose, while teaching and serving others. He kept extremely busy and He didn’t have social media to communicate with others, putting that distance between Him and them.  He seemed to have consistently been surrounded by people and continually built face to face relationships.

Linda’s point proves that Jesus knows how loneliness feels. Thankfully He tells us to cast our cares on Him. 1 Peter 5:7

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