No Stop Signs….

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We are traveling and am spending a few weeks in the Plains. This area is a first for both, my husband and myself. I make a run into town a few times a week to pick up groceries and run errands. Today I ventured to the post office and as I made my way back out to the main road I turned on residential street. As I am cruising along about 25 mph I see that I have quite a few intersections to cross before I make it to the main road. Once I get there I will be back in the section of town that I have been getting familiar with since we have been here.

As I crossed the intersection in front of me, suddenly, a car also approaches from my right with no intent of stopping. I instantly think, “Oh my, did I not see a stop sign?” I quickly came to a stop and the car passed through the intersection. I looked back and did not see a stop sign that I missed. I looked to the right, to the left and across the intersection not seeing a stop sign anywhere. At this point, I was confused. I could see ahead that there are few more intersections in front of me so my awareness was at high alert.

Again, an intersection without any stop signs. Although I was tempted to proceed as usual since I didn’t have any stop signs. I stopped anyway and all was clear. Again, a repeat of the last intersection takes place but this time, a car is approaching once more from my right and they did not stop. Luckily, I did!

Oh, my goodness no stop signs? I have never seen this before.

As I continued with my errands I thought of how many times I have simply needed to stop in life. Memories of my single days flashed in my mind. I was committed to abstaining from sex outside of marriage and I remembered how sometimes I had to stop and allow opportunities to pass by to prevent an accident, colliding and becoming one with.

During dating relationships, we don’t always have a “Yield” sign or a “Stop” sign to alert us that we may be moving too fast or crossing a line that may bring regret. We, as individuals and Christians need to protect ourselves from temptation. We need to be intentional, alert, practice self-control with our boundaries firmly in place before we participate in the dating scene and intentionally be willing to put up a “Stop” sign if we are committed to abstaining from sex outside of marriage.

I have read many blog post indicating that single females find it difficult to abstain. I was single for 8 years and understand. There are a lot of things to focus on, but to begin, I encourage the foundation of an active prayer life. Pray for an accountability partner and prayer partner that is strong in the Lord and that doesn’t have the same temptation. A mature, married member of your church may make the best prayer partner in this situation.

Continue seeking Him,

Matthew 26:41 Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

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