Single & Christian, Things to Do

So, what quality things can singles do with their spare time while focusing on their Christian walk? When I was single and was focusing on my Christian walk, frequently, I found it difficult for my friends and I to get together for anything other than our small group. Our schedules or our interest and other commitments seemed to get in the way. Some of the obstacles couldn’t be avoided but sometimes we just needed one of us to step up with a good suggestion of an event. Spending time with other Christians is important but sometimes a “Things to do” search on the internet doesn’t spark an interest.

Growth can come from obstacles. Be open to your friend or someone in the group having the need to bring a tag along; a child, another friend or even a pet. We learn from others and others learn from us. We may have an opportunity to grow or share while making a new friend. We can always be a mentor to someone else’s child, even if it is a brief encounter we may have the opportunity to make a Godly impression on a youngster. I have a dog that goes almost everywhere with me and am shocked at how many places are pet friendly. Most restaurants that have patios are pet friendly.

The more the merrier!

Some ideas for 2 friends or a group of any size, with or without children are:

• State Parks, explore and get some exercise. Plan a picnic with some favorite new recipes. Take along a Frisbee or other participation object.

• Find a biking, walking or hiking trail and stop for a Jamba Juice on the way.

• Visit a winery. Some Wineries have live music and some even serve food and most offer tours.

• Visit a Botanical Garden

• Take golf lessons with a friend or as a group

• Plan an afternoon to visit boutiques or antique stores in town, include a unique place for lunch

• Find a unique place an hour or so out of town for lunch and make the drive together for quality conversation

• Take a cooking, woodworking or painting class with a friend or as a group

• Attend a speaking event

• Kayak, paddle boat, canoe or schedule a boat tour of a beautiful lake nearby – boat tours sometimes offer entertainment and a meal too

• Plan a day at the ball field. Some cities do not have major league teams but don’t overlook minor league teams. They usually fit in people’s budget better anyway and you can communicate during the game better than some major league sports.

• Visit an orchard and do your own picking

  • Find a local place in need and schedule a volunteer event
    o      Serve food
    o      Clean a yard
    o      Visit a Senior citizen/Nursing Home/Assisted Living community
    o      Or simply ask a friend to come along with you where you typically volunteer
  • Plan breakfast or lunch around a trip to the local Farmers market
    o      Some have food trucks or the vendors serve meals onsite
  • Horseback riding, when was the last time you and your friends went horseback riding?
  • Take a stroll through a Museum
  • Visit a Zoo, there are some unique zoo’s nowadays
  • Visit an Aquarium
  • See a show at a Dinner Theater
  • Schedule a time to see a local Play
  • Plan a DIY day, someone in your social setting is probably a master of some type of craft and can teach others and everyone will have fun
  • Have an old-fashioned picnic at the park

One of my favorite things I used to do after church on Sundays was when a few of us at church would get together and go to a music festival that was held outdoors every Sunday throughout the season. Check your area. They had many choices of food available along with many different types of music performed by local bands.

Some suggestions I listed are great when your social setting has children to consider and some would be better if children are not attending. Either way, step out of the ordinary and out of your regular area to find places you just don’t visit every day. And don’t think those events that are marketed for tourist to the community are boring. Make it an adventure of newness for all involved. Have fun stepping out and getting a different set of scenery to explore.

When it comes to food, whenever my friends and I would go out to eat, we would attempt to choose a place that is unique to us. We can get average, everyday meals anywhere and anytime.

I invite you to comment with suggestions of things to do in your area.


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