2 Questions for Single Christian Women

Evening sky at Joy Ranch
July 2017 Joy Ranch

Being single can bring on different challenges that the average married person doesn’t typically face. To some singles, single life concerns consist of:

• Single income.
• Being the only decision maker: buying a house or a car alone.
• Not having anyone to rely on when a car breaks down, etc.
• Sleeping alone.
• Dining alone.
• Weekends alone.
• Not having anyone to attend an event with.
• Not having immediate emotional/spiritual support when tragedy strikes.

Although, some of the examples above have pros to the cons, for the most part these can be major obstacles to some singles.

I’ve had a lot of single friends over the years and have been single myself for many years in the past. As a single, several comments have been said to me and occasionally one would even confuse me. For the most part, I truly enjoyed being single and independent. At the same time, I had some events happen that made me wish I had an immediate support to lean on.

I have heard and read on many blogs, as singles due to divorce or never married, indicating they struggle with a few comments made to them by married people. Although I truly believe most of the comments are made from self reflection and with encouragement. A few comments that can be sensitive or possibly be misunderstood are:

• You will find someone.
• God has someone special waiting for you.
• Being alone is something I could not do.
• The right one will come along.
• I am sorry you are alone.
• You came alone? (As a single shows up to an event alone)

I did not desire to be married during a large portion of my single years. I spent most of the time growing spiritually and enjoyed the time seeing a bright future ahead of me. I had some fears but they didn’t overwhelm me. I did pray for a Christian woman as a prayer partner and the Lord provided. My friend was married and she told me that she prayed for a strong Christian man to come into my life. And he did! She wanted me to be blessed with what God had blessed her with. (That is a true friend) Although, I always told her not to pray for that, as I thought I was quite content at the time (but, I sure am thankful she did). As a single Christian woman, the one thing I wanted more than anything was prayer. And I certainly wasn’t offended when she would pray with me in person for my single walk.

As a Single, what type of support do you want or expect from others during your single walk?

If your single days come to an end, what words will you offer to singles?



  1. At 21, the best advice married women give me that I’ll most likely give to others when I get married is to focus on God and myself and when He chooses to bring a man into my life, He will.


    1. This is wonderful advice. If we don’t make Him our focus as a single, He won’t be the foundation of our marriage and we won’t know when He brings that special man to us. Than you for sharing!

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  2. Hi Tracie! In reference to your blog’s last question I would say to a single Christian woman (me 4 years ago before marriage) to pray and ask God to prepare you to be the wife he wants you to be, and while he’s preparing you to be a wife to block any distractions (men) that are not lead by HIM, to save your husband for you until you are finished with me God. That’s what I prayed daily, weekly, monthly… until the man God gave to me, came into my life. I knew he was that man because I was ”still”and God spoke to me… I feel we can only hear His voice when we are truly still and faithful to what He promises us.


  3. Amen! Thank you so much for your contribution. I have such a desire for single Christian women to relax and allow God to work. He wants to bless us and He wants to speak to us. I am so happy for you, marriage is beautiful when He plans it. I share the same joy. 😊


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