Can Your Future Husband See You Today?

Joy Ranch 9.27.17 (3)
Joy Ranch Sept 27, 2017

Dear Single Christian Women that desire a husband,

I have been married for 2 ½ years to a man that I have known all my life. I would like to be able to say, “I waited 47 years for this man to by my husband.” Even though, I had a special bond with him I had no idea I was supposed to wait for him.

Over the years we saw each other periodically; he with his family and I with mine. We usually attended our family’s events consisting of funerals and weddings etc. I am sure the idea of us ever being married never crossed anyone’s minds.

Someday I will provide exciting, sweet, and encouraging details of our 47 years of life before we married, how we ended up getting married and the days since. But I am unable to do justice to 50 years in 1 blog. In the meantime, assuming a marriage is in God’s plan for your future, I have a few questions to ponder:

As a single Christian woman:

If your future husband can see you today, what do you want him to see in you?

What is it about your current lifestyle that you would want revealed to him?

Are you protecting your current lifestyle from anything that may hinder a marriage?

What is it about you today that reflects the type of wife you hope to be for him in the future?

I was in church the Sunday morning of Jan 18, 2015. I hadn’t seen the man that was about to be my husband in years, but he crossed my mind. I remembered something that happened in his life years ago when I was a child and prayed for him during service. I understand that this is probably not your situation. My point is, be sure to pray for your future spouse and his spiritual life today. Praying for a husband is a great privilege a wife has and it can begin prior to your marriage.

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