Freshly Grilled Tuna Salad Sandwiches

Finished Sandwich use

When I was a kid we opened a can of StarKist Tuna, mixed it with miracle whip and relish. We then spread this on bread and called it a Tuna Fish sandwich. How drab! Sometimes we went all out and toasted the bread for a crunchy effect.

Whew! I am so glad we developed from that experience. Jeff & I take our sandwiches very serious and enjoy grilling fresh Tuna Steaks creating wonderful Tuna sandwiches. Yes, it takes longer and cost more than opening a can of tuna but it sure is worth it!!

I have had so much fun prepping and grilling today! If you are a regular reader, you know that Jeff and I travel the United States in our 5th wheel for his job. My kitchen is quite small and the early fall weather in South Dakota is beautiful today. So, I am heading to the picnic table and grill to prepare these sandwiches.

Veg's - use


I rubbed the tuna steaks with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and lemon pepper.

Tuna oiled use



We like our tuna cooked longer than most. We grill on high for approximately 10 mins on each side for the average size steak. I cooked these a little longer since they are quite thick. You may want to take this in consideration on your cook time.

Tuna on grill use


While the tuna cooks I will prep the vegtables. You can put just about any vegetable in this sandwich spread. Today I am dicing: 1 English Cucumber (seeded), 3 celery stalks, ½ red onion, 3 hardboiled eggs and 1 large bell pepper. I have also chopped fresh dill and have a lemon ready to juice. The cool breeze is stirring the fresh dill aroma as I chop. This smell is fresh and delicious!

Veg prepped use


Once the tuna is cooled, I simply shred it lightly with a fork. Mix with Miracle Whip and the vegetables, dill and lemon.

Ending Prep use

After tasting the mix, I am adding the lemon rind to the salad. It needs a slight kick of lemon zest. Mixing tuna use


Oh my! I forgot that Jeff asked me to add bacon to this salad….I wonder if he will notice that I forgot?

I have a slice of grilled red pepper I will place on the sandwich and maybe he will forgive me for forgetting the bacon.


Spread on a nice choice of bread, grilling the bread if you choose, or spread on crackers, celery or cucumber boats and top with extra dill if desired.

 **Other suggestion:

Spread avocado on the bread as an additional dressing. Unless you are serving the salad immediately, then I would add chopped avocado straight to the mix.

Matthew 4:19 – 20 Then He said to them, “Follow me, and I’ll make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him.


  1. Your photos are crisp and bright and your sandwich looks delicious. As a kid I topped my tuna salad – made like your kid version + finely minced onion – with potato chips for extra crunch and saltiness. Though I make a grown up tuna sandwich now, I still sometimes add the chips.

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    1. Thank you, I loved those pictures. I used to put chips on sub sandwiches but don’t know why we​ didn’t think of tuna sandwiches too. I remember chips were always crunched on those tuna casseroles back in the day. Lol. Oh, what fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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