My Husband is the Spiritual Leader of Our Home

I have a goal not to be negative on my blog. I am going to state negative truth to bring Glory to the Lord from a situation Jeff and I experienced yesterday.

Back up to a few weeks ago, we were in a RV store in the town that we are currently staying in during our travels. We were there to get a price on rails to put in our new pickup. My husband wants both of our trucks prepared to pull our 5th wheel since we had a small accident recently with our primary towing vehicle. The price for these rails were quoted to us by the owner of $150.

We have been in this facility multiple times during our 3 month stay here and we have discussed the idea of never going back. So yesterday when we parked in front of the store, I asked my husband if he minded if I stay in the truck during this visit because it’s a negative and tired spirit inside that building and I wasn’t up to experiencing the ugliness. After my mouth was already opened, I felt that question wasn’t right towards my husband so I struggled myself into the store right behind him.

The same person that quoted us the price during our last visit offered to help us. For some reason, he was cheerful. I was shocked! I have encountered this person a few times recently and have never heard a cheerful voice or a smile from him. My husband explained that he needs the rails they recently spoke of. The man states the price is $200. I didn’t remember the previous conversation of $150 and I am standing back thinking “Wow, this place has changed for the better”, as the man’s wife looks up at me with a very tired effort to smile but I held on to my positive impression of our experience anyway.

My husband completed the money transaction then we exited the store. After getting in our truck I made a comment of the shockingly positive experience. Jeff explained that the price conveniently increased by $50 in a few weeks. Suddenly I think I understood that look on his wife’s face. I hope I am not wrong about this, but I am hoping she doesn’t support this behavior. But now I understand why the man was so cheerful during this visit. And my temper starts welling inside me. “Don’t take advantage of my husband!”

My husband explained to me that he would not participate in the behavior by confronting him. (I have known my husband all my life and can attest that he hasn’t always had this heart) and he explained “If this man wants to do business this way, it’s his choice.” We drove off and continued with our day.

Well, I had to sit back and realize that I have had the same attitude in other situations but it was not in me today. I was furious! I wanted to react to the foolishness. Not reacting, is something to be learned and I haven’t mastered it yet.

Sometimes it takes a while for things to sink into my brain and my heart. I realized this morning that my husband would have humbly washed that man’s feet if the opportunity arose. In fact, I think in a nonphysical way, he did. Even if the one getting the washing didn’t understand.

My husband served the one that was in the serving position.

John 13:14 – 15 If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you. Jesus humbled Himself and washed His disciple’s feet in an example for us and an example of how He would again serve us in the ultimate sacrifice that He was being faced with and was about to follow through with. He continues to serve us with every need we have, into eternity.

I have much spiritual growth to experience, I am not currently able to think of washing that man’s feet without a hasty attitude in my heart. 2 names have been added to my prayer list though. I didn’t understand why my husband was being led back into that store but I guess it was for my heart to be challenged and I welcome the challenge.



    1. Yes, Yes He does!! Thank you! If it didn’t bring Glory to God my About Me page wouldn’t read as it does. But this is for His Glory and He brought me redemption! I am hoping others seek Him and His redemption too. This is all about Him! Thank you for your prayers!!! I enjoy your blog too, poetry is something that I have no talent for and appreciate it others. Bless you! I look forward to more of your blog.

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