Green Chile Sauce – An Everyday Condiment

This Green Chile Sauce is a regular condiment in my house. I make Bobby Flay’s Green Chile Sauce fresh every week. We changed the recipe slightly to accommodate my husband’s desire for a little more spice and little less sweet but Bobby Flay’s recipe was the base of this great sauce.

I have attached a picture of his recipe straight from his Grill It! Book for your reference.

Jeff & I prefer to use Hatch Chiles vs Poblanos but the local grocery store has been out of Hatch Chiles the last few times I have been shopping. I hope to have them again before the end of the season but it is still satisfying with Poblano’s. We do omit the honey when we use them.

Preparing to grill - sauce
Oiled & seasoned – pablano, red onion, chopped garlic, chopped cilantro

After rubbing 2 Poblanos and 1 sliced medium red onion with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. I will put these on the grill on high.

Grilling poblano’s & red onion


The onion will be flipped and removed prior to the Poblanos. The onion will take about 10 mins total and the chiles will take about 20 mins total.

Grill - sauce

I want the chiles to be charred and will rotate every 5 mins or so. Once they appear a bit charred and I can see the skins pulling away from the chiles they are ready to be removed from the grill to cool.

Grilling is complete & all ingredients are ready to go in the blender.



Once the peppers are cool enough to handle I will pull the skins off, cut the tops off and scrap the seeds out from the insides. If you think all of those grilled onions made it to the blender, you are mistaken. A few were missing by the time the blender was put into operation. There is nothing like freshly grilled onions. 

The peppers are now ready to go in the blender with the grilled onion, 2 cloves of chopped garlic, 2 Tablespoons of freshly chopped cilantro (we don’t use oregano as indicated as an option in the original recipe), Salt and Pepper to taste, ¼ cup cold water and if you choose, honey to taste.

finished sauce cropped


It only takes about 30 seconds in my blender to blend this smooth. I store this in the refrigerator until it is gone which is less than 5 days.

We use this spicy sauce on hamburgers and in the mornings with our breakfast burritos. It doesn’t last long. 

 Note: We don’t use honey when using the Poblanos but we do when we use Hatch Chiles.


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