There are Real Christian Single Men in the World

I am writing a post that I never thought I would write. I read so many blogs from single Christian women that don’t want to be single. Good Christian woman are asking “where are the good single Christian men? How do I meet them? Are there really any good single Christian men in the world today?” There are so many single Christian women that desire a Christian man in their life and I do not believe there is anything wrong with this desire.

I spent 8 years as a single Christian woman and for the most part, I loved being single. But dating can stink! I got to the point that I didn’t want to date unless I was dating “The” man God had chosen for me. Otherwise, I wanted Him to keep all men away from me. I didn’t even want to give my attention to a man over a cup of coffee!!! Unfortunately, I was highly disappointed and understand a lot of the blogs I read from single Christian women.

But ladies, there are good single Christian men in this world. 

During my single days I surrendered areas of my life that I didn’t even know I needed to surrender and a few areas that I fully knew I needed to. I asked God to make the most of my life and use me as He wanted to, even if that meant being alone for the rest of my life. I just wanted to be content where I was and for the most part, I was. I spent more time in God’s Word during this time than I had ever done before. I gave myself away through volunteering and I grew more spiritually than any other time in my life. I do not regret these days!

But, now that God has given me the man that He chose for me. I want to encourage you in your Single Christian Walk and hope in God’s plan for your future.

God has blessed me with:

A Spiritual Leader in my home (I don’t have to be this anymore)

A man that knows his responsibilities as the head of his home

A man that allows God to work through him

A man that ask God to love me through him

A man that respects who I am and knows who I have been

A man that prays with me

A man that prays for me (Before my eyes are open in the morning, I hear my husband lying next to me praying for me – this is another post, more to come on this)

A man that allows me to be the woman God created me to be – he wants the best for me and wants me to miss out on nothing good

A man that protects me

A man that protects our marriage from worldly garbage

A man that I trust

A man that respects himself

A man that tithes

A man that has given a lot more than his shirt off his back to someone in need (I have witnessed this multiple times)

A man that makes mistakes and admits to them and takes responsibility for them

A man that takes his confessions to the Lord and repents

A man that apologizes

A man that holds my hand in public when I am dressed like I have been working in the yard all day – unfortunately, I have pictures to prove this 😊

A man that doesn’t want to be #1 in my life – he wants God to be first in my life

A man that listens to everything I have to say and still holds me tight at night

A man that allows God to show us true intimacy

A man that takes his role as a husband as a privilege

A man that wants to have breakfast with me every morning before work

A man that corrects me when I am wrong (he even puts his hand over my mouth when needed)

A man that forgives me and others and knows what God has forgiven him for

A man that knows what God has saved and redeemed him from

A man that I used to dream of his existence while others told me that my expectations were too high and unrealistic

A man that I asked God to put in my life in His time while He shaped and formed me into the person He wants me to be

A man I waited 47 years for

A man that I have asked God to make me a blessing to

Ladies, don’t allow anyone to discourage your desires to have a strong Christian Husband but don’t let the desire control you. Stay focused on Him, the most important relationship you will ever have and allow His plan to work in your life. He may be developing a strong Christian Husband for you as we now communicate but it will be in His time and rest in His contentment until then. If He doesn’t have this in His plan for you, ask Him to help you be content in Him as a single. He will provide contentment too. Remember, He supplies all our needs.

But! don’t take it in your own hands and don’t ever settle for less than He has planned for you!!! You deserve the best and its worth the wait!!








  1. So happy for you! I think it’s good to be single for a period of time. Like you said, you grow so much and learn to lean on God. It really prepares you for when you meet the right one. And the waiting makes it that much more special 🙂 Keep encouraging others with your story. Congrats! ❤

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  2. Thanks for sharing! Singleness can be a hard season! I would like to add that it is much harder to find a Godly man in the WORLD than in the CHURCH! Thanks for the awesome post! ❤️


    1. Hi Soul, You have a great comment. We all have different experiences and yes, it sometimes can be harder to find a Godly man in the world than at church. It seems that the Church spends most of our time in the world than physically at the church and we need use the discernment that God provides when socializing outside of the physical church. I have also dated within the church and am thankful for His discernment there also. 😊 Some of us may meet our chosen while volunteering, working or through family and friends too. When we allow God to show us the one that He has chosen for us He may put them in front of us anywhere during our daily walk. Thank you for sharing and God Bless!

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  3. What beautiful words! Thank you for sharing what God has blessed you with. It gives the rest of us hope! You are so right we should never settle for less than what God has in store for us.


    1. Hi Jesusgirl, God has blessed me so much I just have to share. I have been single and know the struggles and the blessings. We need to stay focused on Him no matter our circumstance, we always have hope in Him. I really enjoy your blog, I check in regularly. Bless you and thank you!


      1. You are so right and whether we are married or single us Jesus girls have to stick together and encourage each other! Thank you for the compliment! I appreciate it very much!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by. I read one of your post recently and thought I was reading about myself for a minute. 🙂 And thank you for sharing about your father. After the pain, this is a beautiful story. You have so much to share, so many open hearts will grow from your testimony. Fathers may also be encouraged to see how their children may grow if they take the initiative or invite and they may still have an opportunity to be a father.
      We need to share so others may grow! I have prayed for you and your message, keep moving forward in Him!

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    1. Great message! I hope others use your link to read also. Thank you for stopping by. I am now following your blog, can’t wait to see what else you have to say. Great message and love the volunteer work you post about.

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! Such an encouragement!! I am 41 and still waiting. Sometimes I think the man I’m praying for is impossible. I even have a “impossible” prayer list. I want a man that loves God more than he loves me. He leads our home and we pray together. I have been told too that my bar is too high. But I can’t settle. He must be a kingdom man. You words just brought tears to my eyes and lifted the hope inside me. Yesterday I had just said to God where are all the true Christian single men? There seems to be done…how will my singleness ever come to an end?


    1. You are a perfect example of why I wrote this post. It is so true and honest, I wrote it in about 15 minutes right after my husband left for work one morning and it was one of the easiest task I have done. Do NOT settle! You are worth more than the average and the average can be found everywhere. Somethings are simply a dime a dozen and God’s children have more value than that. These single Christian men are not in the dating world. They are not seeking a woman like you in the world because they don’t want a woman of the world. Your singleness will only come to an end if and when God wants it to and we don’t want anything that is outside of God’s will. I sincerely encourage you to stay firm in Him and don’t stop seeking Him. Your pray list is not impossible, if its in God’s plan, there is a man out there that wants to be exactly what you have on that list for someone that has a heart for God. Stay focused!

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  5. Thank you thank you thank you for this post! I really appreciate it in this season of my life especially, finding myself after a 7 year marriage, freshly single again. It has been a very hard time in my life, but God has promised me for years (even before our divorce) that he was going to restore our marriage. The analogy that he gave me was a piece of furniture that my husband and I had put together all wrong. We started by building our house on quicksand. My husband and I had an intimate moment the other day that ended in us declaring to each other that we wanted to mend our relationship and when I walked away from it, I realize that this is not God’s timing. He still has work to do on me and on my ex, before He will restore our marriage. So instead, we are backing down and letting God do the work on each of us. We both have a way to go, but I see God tearing down the giants in the land and building something new. One day, I will have the man of God that God created my husband to be. It’s especially hard, having been with the man I know I will re-marry, because I miss him so much. But I am so fully joyful in this singleness and have found contentment, because I know that I have everything I need in the Lord. He will do what he intends to do and my husband will become the man of God that leads our family towards Christ. And I will become the uplifting and encouraging wife that my husband desires, that sees her value, because that is who God made her to be. A wife that doesn’t NEED her husband to fill her, because she is already full with the Lord’s love. It’s been a long journey, but I know God will take us both to where he intends us to be and I am enjoying every step through the valley, because I know who is leading me and He is so awesomely good.


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