Cooking on the Road…Butternut Squash

Cooking on the road has a few small inconveniences. If you are a regular reader you are aware that we travel the United States in our 5th wheel for my husband’s job and a small kitchen limits prep and cook space but is still doable and enjoyable. We also love using the grill and I like to exercise the extra space of being outside and appreciate the fresh air.

Now, I want you to understand that I have never cooked Butternut Squash. I have had Butternut Squash in soup and it was delish!!!…. But since it is fall, Butternut Squash is back in the grocery stores and this fall I am going to attempt cooking it with no direction. I am just going to do it, I want it and I am moving forward!

Again, my kitchen is small and we will be outside tonight as we are parked on the Colorado River just north of the area that Arizona, Nevada and California meet. We are on the Arizona side directly looking at Nevada across the river.

River 2
Colorado River, Arizona side looking at Nevada – Oct 2017 – Near Davis Dam

I bought this Butternut Squash a few days ago and it has been sitting on my counter since then. I decided since we are grilling hamburgers tonight we are going to grill this too.

Butternut Squash


I peeled it with a vegetable peeler and sliced the ends off while cutting it in half. I am not using the small hallow portion that has a few seeds as I want this to lay flat on the grill but am slicing the remainder in 1/2 each pieces.

Squash peeled
Butternut Squash – peeled and cut in half


I rubbed a small amount of olive oil on each side and seasoned with Salt & Pepper. Since we travel consistently we have a small, portable grill and I am heating it on high. If I was home with a regular sized grill, I imagine I would probably heat the grill to med-high.

Squash seasoned for grill
Butternut Squash – peeled, sliced and seasoned with salt and fresh ground pepper

We placed the seasoned slices on the grill.Squash on grill


After approximately 8 – 10 minutes we flipped the squash. Ignore the delicious onion in the pictures. These are for the hamburgers we are cooking after the squash is finished. This is one of those downfalls of traveling consistently; we usually cook meals in shifts. But if this is the worst obstacle we encounter, I am not complaining. 😊Squash finsihing on grill


After another 8 – 10 mins on the flip side, these Squash slices seem to be done!!!

squash finished


This was so quick, simple and delicious. They are sweet and moist inside with a crispy, seasoned outer layer. They remind me of grilled sweet potatoes and went extremely well with the burgers. My husband told me we can do this again and it will be fine with him.

We simply used:

1 Butternut Squash

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper



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