Canyon De Chelly

When you are driving in what appears to be the middle of nowhere, have you ever wondered what you cannot see from the road? What is a few hundred feet from you but appears not to be there? It may be massive and beautiful.

Monument SignMy husband and I took a drive over the weekend with the destination of Canyon De Chelly, pronounced De Shay. This beautiful canyon is in the northeast corner of Arizona. If you are a regular reader, you know that my husband and I travel for his job and are currently near Gallup, New Mexico. We were able to take a day and do as we pleased and we chose to take a day drive towards Chinle (chin-lee), Arizona and visit an amazing canyon, Canyon De Chelly.

Window Rock
Window Rock, Arizona


On our way to the canyon we made a stop in Window Rock Arizona and spoke with a resident of the Navajo Nation. As with most road trips, there are multiple ways to get to your destination and he directed us to take Indian Service Route 12. We are glad we did. This is a much more scenic route.

approaching Canyon DeChelly
Approaching Canyon De Chelly

As we were driving, knowing we should be approaching the canyon anytime we looked around and off to my right appeared to be a canyon wall but the GPS said it should be on our left. We followed GPS and of course, it was on our left but from the road we would have never known we were so close to such an amazing view, peaceful surroundings, not to mention the sudden drop off.

Canyon De Chelly still has family’s living in the canyon. It’s not a picket fence but Wow! What a front yard these residences have?

Hogan’s (homes) and summer homes are below:

Some of the picture attached will show ruins in the distance and some will show fertile farm land. The Navajo tribe has lived and worked these lands for years and still do. 

Extra pictures of Tye enjoying our day!


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