Our Traveling Adventures…Granite Creek Winery – Chino Valley, Arizona


Our traveling adventures continue…..

Traveling for work is such a blessing. Between meeting new people, experiencing the diversity of natural beauty the United States holds and seeing family for holidays that we don’t typically get to see, we also love the variety of foods across the states to experience.

And then, there are winery’s!

Granite Creek Winery - peacock vineyard

We truly enjoy the atmosphere of wineries and the experience of trying different wines. While passing through Chino Valley, Arizona we decided to stop at Granite Creek Vineyards and are glad we did.

Granite Creek Winery entrance

You can check the Vineyard out via Visit Us

Our afternoon began with meeting this fella: 

Granite Creek Winery peacockGranite Creek Winery peacock in treesGranite Creek Winery - peacock fenceGranite Creek Winery - peacock fence 2Granite Creek Winery - peacock 5Granite Creek Winery - peacock 3Granite Creek Winery - peacock 2

I think he got tired of being followed. Every time he turned around and looked behind himself I felt as if he was trying to say “crazy lady! get a life and stop following me!” 

😊 But, I couldn’t help it, he was beautiful!

Granite Creek Winery - are you still there

I eventually felt like I was stalking the peacock and we went in for a wine tasting. After each new pour we took a walk around the grounds giving ourselves a chance to enjoy the view and each wine.  

The opportunity to come and go from the wine tasting room was very enjoyable. Typically, when experiencing a tasting we are confined to the wine tasting area but this gave us a more relaxed and pleasurable time to enjoy each other’s company and the pleasant fall day.

After our tasting, we chose a bottle of the 2013 Chardonnay to have with our lunch. This wine had a buttery flavor that caught my attention during the tasting. It was described to have pear and toffee flavors also, but I was focused on the smooth buttery taste.

Granite Creek Winery - Meal

Block Six Catering had their food truck onsite serving lunch. We both ordered the steak sandwich which came with potato salad and pickle chips. This meal was delicious, reasonably priced and served in perfect portions.

Very enjoyable!

Granite Creek Vineyard was a very enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.









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