Cooking Easy Chicken Soup on the Road

I like to send warm soup in my husband’s thermos on cold workdays and used to make this tasty, basic chicken soup in different ways by adding dumplings, noodles or serving over mashed potatoes.

I made this batch without any varied additions to show the basic recipe and process.

Cut up a whole chicken, rinse and discard the inner parts.

Slice 4 -5 carrots, chop 1 onion and slice 3 – 4 celery ribs

I love using my Lodge Cookware and this soup is perfect for this purpose. I toss a couple of tablespoons of butter in the Dutch oven on med high heat to begin browning the chicken. You may need to lower the heat as the chicken begins to brown. Season with salt and pepper to your taste.


Chicken cooking
Covering while browning the chicken, celery & onion


Once the chicken begins to brown, add the celery and onion to brown together. Be sure to turn the chicken occasionally to get all sides and stir the vegetables at the same time. This process should take about 20 mins total.

Chicken and veg's simmering
Broth and bay leaf has been added, getting ready to add carrots, cover and simmer

Once the chicken is browned pour enough broth in the pan to cover the chicken and add the carrots and a bay leaf. Simmer for approximately one hour.


I love my Lodge Cookware!


Once the chicken is done, remove from the broth to cool and skim any fat that may be on the top of the broth while removing the bay leaf. Add the corn and keep the broth at a simmer.
Remove the meat from the bone and discard the bones and skin. The meat should be falling apart, separate and shred of the larger pieces of meat and place all of the meat back into the broth. You may want to add some salt and pepper at this point.

a FinishedA Seasoning finished

Once the meat is warm you can consider the soup done or at this time, you can add cooked noodles, dumplings or leave as is and serve as a soup or serve over the top of mashed potatoes and call it done.

Other suggestions: add diced potatoes when you add the carrots.


I used: 1 whole chicken, cut up

4 – 5 carrots

3 – 4 celery

1 onion

32 oz chicken broth

1/2 cup frozen corn

1 bay leaf

salt & pepper

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