Seligman, Arizona – Our Current location

It is December 2017 and Route 66 continues for us…. Seligman, Arizona is our current location for a few weeks. Seligman is…well….out in the middle of what feels like, nowhere. Shopping is extremely limited due to the population being less than 1,000 but old hotels are fully available for anyone that needs one.

I understand this place to be hopping during the summer but if it wasn’t for Route 66 I am not sure this town would exist today. The town appears to survive on the history of Route 66 with tourist stops filling the few mile stretch running parallel to I-40.

The middle of town, looking east

Williams, Arizona is approximately 40 miles east of Seligman and has the Polar Express Railway to the Grand Canyon along with beautiful surroundings of ponderosa pines.

Santa on Route 66 1
The Holiday Zipline in Williams, Arizona
Williams Christmas lights 1
Williams, Arizona

Besides there not being any entertainment in Seligman, there are 3 main restaurants on this section of the Route: Roadkill Café, Lilo’s and The Pizza Joint located at the Stagecoach Motel.


I have not stopped in at the Roadkill but Lilo’s is satisfying and we frequented The Pizza Joint for many meals with complete satisfaction of their new menu. Calzones & The Steak Sandwich are recommended along with their wings on Thursdays for ½ price.

That is about it for Seligman but we are onto our next adventure…. a vacation. Stay tuned!



  1. We travel 66 on some of our mission trips but I don’t remember this town. Is it northwest of Flagstaff? I know there is beautiful but desolate country out there. Stay safe.


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