On the road to Wickenburg Arizona

As fulltime working RV’ers, we take day road trips every chance we get to check out our surroundings and last week we drove to Wickenburg, Arizona.


A small population of fulltime residents makes up the old mining town of Wickenburg, Arizona and is located about an hour north west of Phoenix. Mr. Wickenburg mined gold and silver back in the 1800’s before the railroad was built to pass through. When the train depot was established the town began to flourish in the field of hospitality.

We stumbled across a park decorated for a Cowboy Christmas!

Cowboy Christmas
Cowboy Christmas
Tye Christmas tree
Tye at the Christmas Tree

Shopping, hiking, golfing, horses and roping events are common activities in Wickenburg today. We stayed at the 70-year-old Best Western during our stay and was totally pleased with the large clean rooms and well-maintained facility. They are dog friendly and cater to dogs with a package for each dog family consisting of a dog blanket, bone and cute message for the furry guest.

Tyes note at the Best Western
Note by the Best Western in Wickenburg Az


If we are able to return to the area we will use the Best Western again.

While taking a causal walk through the town we discovered a The Historic Vernetta Hotel located across from the train station. This hotel is not in use today but would be nice if it was. The staircase would be the shining focal point of the building if refinished. 

HotelHotel StaircaseHotel 2

We also came across The Saddlery Shop, The Rusty Rooster and the Jail Tree.

The Stoney Saddlery Shop rest in one of the original buildings in town, built and used as the livery stables over 100 years ago. The saddlery shop has nice product and great prices. We enjoyed quality conversation with the owner.  

Tye at the Saddlery Shop
Livery Stables
100+ yr old livery stable

The Rusty Rooster is a nice shop with quality and unique products ranging from olive oils to hand blown glass to beautiful artistry. The owner and staff were very welcoming and enjoyed Tyes’ visit too.

Tye at Rusty Rooster
Tye at the Rusty Rooster

The Jail Tree! The Jail Tree is exactly what it is called. For 27 years, it was the jail. I wonder how inmates would react to being tied to a tree today? The tree had less accommodations than Sheriff Joes’ Tent City had when it was recently located about 100 miles south in the desert heat. The history tells a time when the tree was full one evening and they didn’t have a place for all the inmates. It must have been one wild evening in the old west.

 Tye in WickenburgTye and the Jail Tree

Joshua Trees are only found in California and Arizona. A few pictures of the Joshua Trees on Highway 93 on our journey home from a relaxing and enjoyable day in Wickenburg!

Joshua TreesJoshua TreeJoshua Trees and Tye


  1. We just bought a house in the Phoenix area to become snowbirds starting next winter. We will have to take a day trip to Wickenburg. Thanks for sharing this quaint location.


    1. Wonderful! My husband and I have allot of history across the state of Arizona. We still frequent the area very often and try to post as we travel through. Enjoy the desert and be sure to explore the high desserts and the mountains.

      Liked by 1 person

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