Beaches in Maui, Molokini and Lava Fields

During our stay in Maui we discovered that all beaches in Hawaii are public and luckily, we had friends as our personal tour guides and they showed us many beaches.

B Sea Turtle 12-25-17

They knew where to take us to see Sea Turtles up close, black sand beaches and my favorite beach which is at the end of the airport runway. The peace and beauty were much more than the sound of the airplanes overhead. Each beach was extremely quiet.

DSC01190beaches 1B Maui Hi 12-25-17B Beaches 4B Maui Christmas 2017

Cemeteries are commonly located close to beaches and overtime headstones get washed away. Although, names and dates can no longer be read on the headstones, I was disappointed to see this and was told that they were in the process of cleaning them up. 

Molokini is a crescent shaped island that can be seen from many parts of Maui. This island is uninhabited and is a snorkelers and divers dream. The island is not soil so there is no soil washed down in the water creating a light filled visible existence of approximately 150 feet.

Zoomed in on Molokini
B Molokini
Molokini in the background


The lava fields were interesting to see. As you may imagine this ground is quite sharp to walk on and no one is allowed on the lava. This is not someplace that you want to take an afternoon stroll.

B Lava



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