Maui Tropical Plantation

During our visit to Maui we had the Maui Tropical Plantation on our list of “things that we want to do” but didn’t think we were going to make it. The afternoon of our last day on the island, we were able to make a stop. I seriously wanted to see all the colorful plants and flowers. This was an economical visit and didn’t take all day. The cost was $20 to take the tour or we could walk the acreage on our own for free. We did take the tour then spent approximately another hour walking on our own and taking pictures. We were well pleased with our time and money spent. The tour was informative, comfortable and enjoyable.

Enjoy photos of some of the plants, flowers and fruit.

The grounds are rich with color and each plant placed with perfect intention.

The young man that led the tour demonstrated how to open a coconut for our knowledge and enjoyment.

1 coconut 72 coconut 5

3 coconut 11

He provided a little coconut humor:

1 coconunt humor
Coconut humor

The grounds have a restaurant and store but they were not open during our visit, as it was a Sunday. We also didn’t explore the zipline. My old body wasn’t up to the adventure!

1 Store at plantation

Check out the live webcams on their website. The first webcam has a view of the Maui Mountains in the background and the second webcam shows the area that most of these pictures were taken.

This was a casual, enjoyable and a well needed slow paced afternoon.


    1. I hit enter before I was ready to send my comment, lol. I also loved the coconut weather picture. Made me chuckle


      1. This is funny, my husband told me to take a picture of that sign. I figured it was information and since I had read a lot of sign during the week for informational purposes I didn’t pay much attention to it as I was growing tired. But I took a picture as he requested but didn’t read it until I was home and going through pictures. Then I got a good laughed.

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