Roaming Around Maui

During our vacation we made time to simply roam the landscape. Since we were blessed with friends willing to share their knowledge of Maui we basically had “personal tour guides” and sure am thankful of the places they took us to. Simply to explore.

We missed out on the lavender fields but did get to stop by one of the Sugar Plantations that recently closed. The view we seen as we drove past a former Sugar Pantation in Maui makes it very clear they are not in operation any longer as the appearance of desertion is clear. Fields, fields and more fields that used to be lush and vibrant with growth of sugar cane now has the appearance of no maintenance, no growth, no attention as the neglect due from closure is revealed. A few sprouts of sugar cane appear among the weeds and probably will remain as is until another crop is planted by another business that takes the place of history, to make its own history.


A sugar planation
Closed Sugar Plantation – Maui


During our “roaming Maui” time we visited a few church buildings but two stood out to me. One we attended for Sunday service and the other is the 186 year old, Keawalai’i Congregational Church.

We attended The Church of the Nazarene in Kahului for Sunday service on New Years Eve. We entered one song late as our Uber driver dropped us off a block away and it took us a few minutes to locate our desired destination among a row of churches. We arrived to a sanctuary that seats approximately 120. A cool breeze was blowing through the sanctuary as the windows and doors were open. I felt as if we were sitting outside and it was grand. The Pastor was on the guitar and a little girl, about 10 years old was leading the song. I was impressed with her leading the worship and later discovered she is the Pastors daughter.

The sermon kept our focus and had many important points titled “One True God” and included strong points of the truth. The sermon also made a strong focus on the fact that we need to be strong in Him or we will be misled. The bulletin was filled with weekly activities to get involved and to stay connected and the youth group seemed to be fully active. 

Being the last Sunday of the year, we got to enjoy a video recap of the year. The Church has been involved in many forms of ministry in their community and the world. From Christmas events, nursing home visits, fostering children in other countries, concerts, prayer gatherings and missions that make fresh water possible in Africa.

As guest, we were welcomed and comfortable. I truly enjoyed our visit to the Nazarene church in Kahului.

When we pulled up to this next church, The Keawalai’i Congregational Church, I was in awe of the building, the grounds and the view. There is almost 200 years of history to share about this church. We visited on Dec 26th and met the pastor as he was working on the grounds doing maintenance. Please see for all the details that I am unable to share in a post, including how the church was originally built. The church is located in a very nice neighborhood and sits on the ocean shore with a beautiful view of Molokini. The grounds are filled with fruit and flower trees. A small cemetery is located on the west side towards the beach with a small parking lot east of the church. Enjoy the pictures.

1 Church1 church 111 church 101 church 51 church 91 church 31 church 81 church 121 church 21 church 71 Church 11 church 6

As we continued our afternoon, our friends took us by an old school that is not functioning today. I loved walking around and seeing the tropical plants and beautiful huge Banyan trees in the midst of the old plantation community, just a few blocks for the old Sugar Mill above. The school was built in 1922 and is part of the historical registry now. There is still activity on the grounds as there is an active library in the back of the grounds. The front porch of the library is filled with books for free.

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We later journeyed to Lahaina where the Hale Pa’ahao prison is located on Prison St. This structure was built during the whaling era in the 1850’s. The rules were interesting along with the number of prisoners and reasons for imprisonment. I find history interesting and enjoy a casual walk in beautiful weather. As we slowly ventured through the prison grounds it was difficult to remember it was a prison with all of the beautiful fruit trees and banyan trees that are too large to fit in a picture. Lahaina has tourist shops, museums and a Harbor which has deep history. Along with a Bayan tree so large it takes up the city block and a park area engulfs the shade from the tree. This area is filled with vendors today and drapes in front of another museum.

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More to come….stay tuned

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