Honolulu – Atlantis Dinner Cruise

Our last evening in Honolulu was spent on the Atlantis Dinner Cruise. Our Uber driver dropped us at the wrong port…after waiting in line and being told that they didn’t have our name in their records we discovered another port that was a short jog away. Yes, I kicked my sandals off and found a little skip in my step. We had 5 minutes to get checked in and we spent way too much money on this dinner to miss out.

We made it! We began the evening by being sat down at a table for 8 with 2 already seated. The 2 being a young smiling couple, she was visiting her Sailor for a few days while he was on leave.

Our dinner was buffet style and once introductions took place at our table we moved to one of the upper decks for the evening. We coasted out of the Honolulu Bay south, towards Diamond Head with the coast line of buildings in perfect view.

1 Diamondhead

Once we made our way to Waikiki Beach the boat turned around and the fireworks began.

1 Fireworks

We had a rain storm on the west side of the boat and fireworks on the east side and located a submarine somewhere in between.

1 Sunset with rainstorm1 Submarine from view of cruise

The entire cruise lasted 3 hours with great service and wonderful weather and beautiful views.

The end to a very nice evening! 


    1. Wonderful! We’ve both been before too but not together. It is one of those places that you just can’t help but relax and enjoy the beauty. And 30 years is definitely a reason to make the trip. Congratulations on such a marriage.

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