Kula, Hawaii – Maui Wine

My husband and I enjoy visiting wineries and seeing the vineyards and the history of each. The history of Maui Wine in Kula was very intriguing.  We basically skipped the topic of wine while at Maui Wine and spent most of our time in the garden areas fascinated by the huge trees that were planted 150 years ago. W Maui Wine 5W Maui Wine 2curvy tree Maui Wine 12-26-17

I found it difficult to walk away from the large variety of different flowers and the old buildings located on the mountainside. I enjoy imagining all the relationships that grew from conversations in those aged buildings. Along with the hard work and heritage that built them and the memories developed for the ones involved.  

W Maui Wine 11W Maui Wine 10

The history of the land Maui Wine sits on goes back to 1841 and includes King Kamehameha III leasing a sugar mill on the Ranch. Soon to be known as Rose Ranch and later becoming a cattle ranch. History continues on to tell of King Kalakaua and the Queen visiting the Ranch and finding exquisite hospitality during their time. Much weather related events and purchasing history come into existence between then and 1974 when Maui Wine developed and forward to when President Regan had Maui wine served at his inauguration ceremony in 1981. Check out their website for the complete history at: https://mauiwine.com/

W maW MauiW Maui Wine 12W Maui Wine 4W Maui Wine 3W Maui flowers 4W Maui flowers 3W Lobster Heliconia 12-26-17W Anthuriums Maui Wine 12-26-17W Anthurims Maui Wine 12-26-17

The most interesting flower I discovered while walking the grounds was Jade. I have never seen this flower before and found it most beautiful.


W Jade


I hope you enjoy the rich colorful growth through pictures half as much as I enjoyed walking the grounds.

W on way to Maui Wine
Cattle Ranch on the way to Maui Wine
W British Cardinal 1
British Cardinal

Above are a few friends we met on our way up the mountain and on our walk out. 



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