Lake Havasu City, Arizona – London Bridge

When you hear the words “London Bridge” the first thought for most is London. But the original London Bridge was needed to be repaired and replaced a few times due to decay and growth. When it was time for one of the original London Bridges to be replaced, it was sold in an auction and was taken down piece by piece with each piece being numbered. These numbers told the rebuilders which part of the bridge each piece belonged to when they put it back together again in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Lake Havasu Dec 2017


I find the idea of dismantling and rebuilding a bridge of this size and transporting it this distance based on an idea of building a city, fascinating and I want to share a few quick facts:

  • The bridge traveled by ship and truck more than 10,000 miles to make its destination of Lake Havasu.
  • The bridge was auctioned and Mr. McCulloch submitted the winning bid. The bid was placed in the amount of $2,460,000 in 1968.
  • It cost Mr. McCulloch another 7 million dollars to move the bridge.
  • The bridge was dedicated on October 10, 1971 in Lake Havasu City. is a great source for more detail than I will cover in one post.

The Colorado river forms Lake Havasu and this portion of the Colorado River is the state line dividing Arizona and California. One side of the lake is Arizona and the other side of the lake is California. This area is located roughly 40 miles south of the location where Arizona, California and Nevada meet and the water is as clear as the Colorado River flows.


The first time I visited the London Bridge was in 1972.  Since I now travel consistently with my husband’s job and most of our history is in Arizona we find ourselves traveling through Lake Havasu City frequently. We usually stop by the bridge at one of the many restaurants for a bite to eat along with a pleasant view of the bridge as we did recently during the week of Christmas.


Towards Calif
Towards lake facing California

Channel sign

Westward in the channel
Bridge from Javalina Cantina
Top of bridge taken from Javalina Cantina

The icon picture on my blog is a picture taken December 2016 at about 7:20 am of the sunrise over Lake Havasu. As we were preparing for our morning walk around the lake, I seen that sunrise forming. I left my husband standing with 2 cups of coffee in his hands to snap this picture:


Beautiful sunrises are no different than beautiful sunsets, they move and change quickly. I take all the pictures posted on my blog and other than some cropping, I do not edit or enhance any part of the pictures. This picture is no different. The sky really was that orange, that bold and really glowed with the awe you see.








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