We Parked the RV and Flew to Maui & Oahu

During the past 6 months my husband and I have driven through many states as we travel for his job. Besides passing through, we have spent time in North Carolina, Indiana, South Dakota, New Mexico and Arizona. With all that traveling we decided to travel again for vacation and since we returned, we are staying in one Nevada time zone as he is working in another time zone in Arizona at the sametime we have a view of California.

Traveling for a living is… exciting, adventurous, thrilling, and among many other descriptive words, traveling for a living is busy!

But parking the RV for an 8-day Hawaiian vacation is amazing!

We have both visited Hawaii before but this was our first Hawaii trip together. We island hopped from Maui to Oahu and back to Maui during our stay. I cannot share the entire trip in one post so highlights of the trip have been broken up into a few separate posts along with many pictures of tropical beauty.

Feel free to follow the links and see what we explored.

Sunset at Waikiki

We stayed with friends in Maui and they were gracious enough to share their time with us by showing us all around island. I feel like we explored half of the island and am positive we seen things that we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for them being so willing to give us their time and attention as our personal tour guides.

While in Oahu, we chose not to pay the high price for a hotel and we were blessed to find a studio apartment up on the hill of Manoa. The rain drizzles frequently up on the hill but we sure enjoyed the beautiful view of the mountainside and of Honolulu from the front porch. The studio was sufficient and reasonably priced and I would use this way of lodging again versus renting a high priced hotel on the beach.

Apt 1
View to the North from Manoa apartment
View to the NE from Manoa apartment

We visited the:

Maui Tropical Plantation

Tropical park 23
Maui Tropical Plantation Dec 2017

Pearl Harbor – The USS Arizona, The Battleship Missouri, The Bowfin Submarine, Pacific Aviation Museum

Waikiki Beach & The International Market Area

Atlantis Dinner Cruise

Atlantis Dinner Cruise – Dec 2017

The Feast at Lele

Feast at Lele – Maui Dec 2017

Many beaches in Maui, including black sand beaches and lava fields

Maui Christmas 2017Black sand beachDSC01055

Maui Winery

Other places we visited, including a church on the beach that is almost 200 years old.

I want to share a few fun and interesting experiences that we encountered as we explored.

  • Hawaii has removed all plastic grocery bags from the islands. Be prepared to use your own reusable shopping bags.
  • Pay phones are all over. They don’t appear to be frequently used and are weathered and dated but are everywhere if you need one. I was surprised to see so many pay phones in todays society.
  • They hang street lights with duct tape????? I had to take a picture of this, see below.
  • Double parking is found with the intent of “family parking” (I was unable to snap a picture of this) If families are meeting for a meal at a local restaurant, one pulls in and the other vehicle parks in the space behind them. Once the last vehicle that arrived makes its exit, the first vehicle can then back out.
  • Chickens and roosters run wild! They are everywhere: in parking lots, parks, sidewalks. You name the place, I am sure they are roaming there.
  • Avocados grow to be a very large size in Hawaii, apple-bananas and Maui pineapples are delicious
  • Smoking is not allowed on the beaches
  • All beaches are public beaches in Hawaii
  • Spam is a common ingredient used by many restaurants (I thought Spam left the shelves in the ’70’s, but apparently not?)
  • ABC Stores are everywhere in Honolulu and they have everything you need. Don’t be surprised if you pass 3 ABC stores in one block.
  • Plastic water bottles have a recycling value of .05 cents and are in high demand.
  • Finally, a half of loaf of bread is offered. I have tried for years to find only a 1/2 of loaf to buy at a time and I find it in Hawaii?
  • Many public restrooms do not have soap or a means of drying your hands – bring your own soap.

This was truly a vacation that I have been blessed to experience and had the privilege of enjoying it with my best friend, my husband.



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