A Big Man’s Chorizo Breakfast

There was a time I didn’t have time to cook a full breakfast. Work, children, exhaustion, you name it and it was probably an obstacle that stood in my way from spending the time in the kitchen that I desired to.


I have worked fulltime since being a teenager. Sometimes, holding down a fulltime and 2-part time jobs while juggling the children and house the best I could. My life has drastically changed, I have since been blessed at the age of 50, to be able to not work any longer and simply be the wife I committed to being. Now I am free to live out my priorities the way I have imagined them to be. This gives me time to cook meals for my husband and I love it!

He enjoys a good breakfast. He is not a man that desires to quickly run out the door with a piece of fruit and cup of coffee. He likes to spend each morning sitting down, face to face at the table, while we kick off our day together with a good meal.

I despise routines and thrive on variety so I dread cooking the same breakfast meats and haven’t cooked Chorizo in a while. So, I picked up a package of Chorizo and a few fresh vegetables. I can’t think of a fresh vegetable that you can’t put in a breakfast.

I bought and prepped:

Potato, chopped (sweet potatoes can be substituted)

Onion, chopped

Carrots, sliced

Celery, sliced

Mushrooms, sliced

Red Bell pepper, chopped

Spinach, washed and trimmed stems

Hatch or Anaheim peppers, grilled, skinned and seeded

 Other ingredients:


Shredded cheese

Other suggestions:


Sour cream

Cherry Tomatoes

Flour tortilla, warmed

Grilling the red pepper

I don’t wake up as springy as my husband does. In fact, I cook a lot of breakfasts with one eye closed and usually continue this way until he leaves for work and I start my devotions with a cup of coffee in hand. So, I prepped these vegetables the evening before and stored them in fridge. (you can also cook the Chorizo at this time also)

Vegtables to be cooked

I cooked the Chorizo in a medium frying pan about 15 minutes on med-high heat then lowered the heat as it got closer to being done.

Cooked Chorizo

I heated another skillet to med- high heat and cooked the potatoes in a little butter. Once they appeared almost done, I added the carrots, celery, onion, bell pepper and mushrooms.

PotatoesVegtables added and seasoned

Once all the vegetables were finishing up, I added the spinach. If I remembered to pick up cherry tomatoes from the store, I would add them at this time too. These two only take a few minutes.

Added the SpinachVegtables finished

Once everything was cooked to my satisfaction, I pushed the meat to the side of the pan and warmed up one of the Anaheim peppers that I had already grilled, peeled and seeded. (I cook these on a regular basis and always have some type of grilled pepper in my fridge) I also began the eggs, breaking the yokes.

Fried eggs

I prefer scrambled eggs but my husband prefers fried eggs. At this point we could have added all ingredients together, including scrambled eggs but I am keeping everything separate because I may use the leftover vegetables for another purpose.

I then placed the chorizo on his plate, topped with the vegetables, grilled pepper, fried egg and cheese along with a side of avocado for a filling and flavorful breakfast.

Finished 2






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