It’s Popcorn Time….

Before microwavable popcorn and even before microwaves, my father used to make us popcorn on the stove. He used a pan made specifically for popcorn popping. It had a long handle for shaking and the lid had holes in it and slid on and off for the convenience of pouring. I love fond memories of childhood.

As fulltime RV’ers this is a snack we can make even if we don’t have full hookups and are off the grid. Popcorn can be prepared in any kitchen.

I believe microwavable popcorn is no comparison to popcorn cooked over the stove & it’s simple….Popcorn


Enough popcorn to cover the bottom of the pan in a single layer – approx 1/3 Cup – (I suggest Orville Redenbacher brand)

Butter, as much as you choose (I used approximately 4 Tablespoons for this batch)


Optional seasonings:


Lawry’s Seasoning salt


Over medium heat, cover the bottom of your pan with olive oil.

1 Oil Prep

Drop a couple kernels into the oil.

2 Kernals

Once they pop, cover the bottom of the pan with a single layer of popcorn kernels and put the lid on the pan. Be prepared to start shaking the pan.

4 Beginning to pop

Once they begin popping, begin shaking and continue to do so until the kernels have all popped. (Becareful, you will not be able to see how many kernels have or haven’t popped through the steam and the popped corn but the pan should be close to being full)

5 Shake

This process will be very brief depending on the temperature of your stove and the type of pan you use. I use a lightweight Dutch oven and it takes approximately 2 minutes to finish popping.

6 Finished

If you choose plain popcorn, you are finished.

I typically butter and salt my popcorn and I use a stainless-steel bowl that I have because it has a lid. This makes it simple to shake after I drizzle the butter on the popcorn. But my husband has similar childhood memories and he removes the popped popcorn from the heat and drizzles the butter while the popcorn remains in the warm pan. Whichever you prefer is your best choice.

Season as you choose & enjoy!




  1. I remember that popcorn popper! Maybe it is the reason I LOVE popcorn. I asked mom about it after I was married and she no longer had it. I believe it had been given to them as a wedding gift. I very seldom buy microwave popcorn and normally use our air popper, but I will need to try this method. Do you ever use coconut oil on your popcorn? It is sooo good and sometimes I use a combination of it and butter together. Yummy.

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    1. I have never used coconut oil on our popcorn but we will now. I have not seen a popcorn pan like that one in the stores but I would buy one if I found one. Every time we make popcorn, I say I am using less butter…but that doesn’t happen.

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