Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day, a day centered on all types of love.

From innocent love in school age children to premature love in couples not ready for love to be defined in their relationship, to committed love. As this day is frequently held out for weddings and marriage proposals.

For some, it’s a day of demanded love, greeting cards, flowers, candy or an expected expensive dinner. For some, it simply results in a duty that must be fulfilled.

Valentines Day

The date, Feb 14th holds such value to some, they plan their wedding on it. (How many weddings are planned on this day to take care of the demands of Valentine’s day and the anniversary all at once?)

Why do we react to a day because it is preprinted on our calendars? Where did the day originate from? Who designated this day and decided a day should be set aside once a year, for all levels and types of love to be celebrated? And do we celebrate the day as it was intended to be celebrated?

We can search all over the internet and come up with different theories of how Valentine’s Day originated but which theory do we go with? Does it matter if we don’t know why we are celebrating?

I have read Valentine’s Day being explained to have begun as a pagan holiday then I read it to have begun due to the death of a martyr, named St Valentine. Along with being said that it isn’t clear how it began.

What is true?
Does it matter if we celebrate something that we don’t know the root of its existence?

Valentines 3

As of right now, I do not have these answers but I do know that some people go “all out” for Valentine’s Day and some people get depressed over the idea of not having a Valentine to share the day with. While others get stressed over the possibility of not meeting someone’s expectations of the “day”.

I like to know the foundation of my actions. Am I a puppet to whoever said Feb 14th of every year will be a day that is centered on red glittery hearts, adorable teddy bears to expensive shiny diamond rings? Seriously, I don’t like the idea of reacting to something simply because it is on the calendar and having my standards of celebration set by others.

Over the years I have seen people thrilled and excited to celebrate the day and seen others get weighed down from the expectations and excessive money spent to meet someone else’s expectations.

Does your Valentine need this day to know that you love them?
What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

I have a lot of questions and would love to hear if you celebrate the day and the extent of your celebration. I would especially like to know if you are aware how the day originated. Do you allow pressure upon yourself to celebrate the day to a certain expectation or do you pressure your loved one with your expectations? And let me know what happens to those greeting cards and cute little teddy bears after you receive them. If you keep them, where do you keep them? How long do you keep them, forever or until you get another Valentine? And what do you expect your “loved one” to do with the Valentine’s that you give them?


However you celebrate, I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. I do celebrate the day, not because of the day but because I love my wife, and it is just one more chance to show it. I like to do different things too celebrate Valentine’s day. One year, some local celebrities were having a spaghetti breakfast in a city 90 miles away. I told her to take the day off and took her there, she not knowing where we were going.
    Another year I cut out 25 paper hearts and pt them all over her desk (we worked in the same building at the time. It was our 25th Valentines day together.
    Another year I left her several voice messages with me singing various songs, like “I just called to say I love you”, and “I’m so Happy to be “Stuck With You”
    This year, I am sending her a single rose the day before Valentine’s day, a corsage for Valentine’s Day )She is a hostess at a local nice restaurant and will be working that night), and another single roe the day after Valentine’s day. All three with separate notes.
    Kind of crazy, but I love to be different on valentine’s Day!

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    1. For the most part, I truly enjoyed my single days. I encourage you to not allow this one day defined with a manmade label to define you in any way. We can share love in many ways other than romantic love. Keep moving forward in Him, our truest and purest love!

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  2. I don’t need a day set aside to show my wife I love her. Hopefully I do that every day. Intentional living in God’s will as a husband is how I want my wife to know I love her.

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