Strawberry Sauce

2 Strawberries

As fulltime RV’ers we don’t miss out on any special treats when it comes to cooking. And strawberry sauce is one of my favorites, especially when the grandkids visit.

I enjoy serving this warm, poured over ricotta pancakes or cream cheese stuffed French toast. If I was an ice cream lover, I am positive I would be pouring it over a bowl of ice cream. But if I did that I would have to add a warm brownie to the bowl too.

This is simple and quick:

I use 1 pound of strawberry’s, cleaned and trimmed

½ Cup of sugar

1 Ingredients

Using a saucepan, I combine both ingredients

3 In sauce pan

Heat approximately 5 minutes on med-high then turn down to a simmer for about 10 – 15 additional minutes, stirring occasionally.

4 cooked

Once the ingredients seem to be dissolved and mushy I use a potato masher and gently smash them.

5 gently smashed

I like some chunks of strawberry in my sauce so I don’t smash them as much as I can.


6 finished

This reheats great, if there is any leftover.




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