As a Christian, What Does Dating Look Like?

How often do Christians get caught up in the world of dating according to worldly ways?

Where did dating come from?

Who defines how you date?

Is dating for the single or the married?

As a Christian, what does dating look like to you?

So many questions…. And for singles dating is done in so many different ways and for so many different reasons.

• Some date in hopes of finding that special someone, with intentions of marriage.
• Some date to avoid loneliness.
• Some date to avoid boredom.
• Some date to pass time
• Some date to have a friendship.
• Some date to satisfy the need to feel wanted.
• Some date because they were asked out.
• Some date because it is something to do.
• Some date because they fear they won’t be asked out again.
• Some date because they couldn’t think of a reason not to.
• Some date because they don’t know how to say “I don’t date. I will court when I feel the right man to court has come along.”

We can continue and the list can grow and may include carnal behavior but lets not go there. As a single Christian, does dating reflect a Christian life or scream a carnal life or a little of both?

Do you hold out on dating and expect to be courted, then date when you are married?

Courting is a time when two people intentionally spend quality time together with the intention of marrying. This stage of the relationship usually involves their families and they play a huge part in the foundation of the relationship. Courting usually involves a boundary of very little face to face time being spent alone, if any. This type of relationship is usually thought of for younger couples but in reality, if it is a priority it can happen at any age.

Should we as Christians, date the worldly way with boundaries or have a boundary of dating and expect to be courted?

As a married Christian, do you date in your marriage or did the dating end at “I do”?

Please share what dating looks like for you, as a Christian.

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