Do You Believe in Soulmates?

Although, I have not heard anyone define their idea of a soulmate in detail, I have heard many people laugh at the idea that everyone has a soulmate out there somewhere. I have searched my concordance and do not locate the word soulmate in my bible, nor do I find the word in my bible dictionary.

Therefore, I turned to the information filled internet.

The online Merriam-Webster definition reads:

1 a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament
2 a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs – ideological soul mates

According to this definition it appears we all have multiple soulmates to some degree. I don’t think this definition dwells deep enough into the definition that most people hold. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so disagreeable or unbelievable that soulmates for each do exist. Because according to this definition most friendships consist of soulmates. Also based on this definition, most teenagers go through multiple soulmates as friendships throughout their high school years, alone. I believe when people reference soulmates they are referring to a deeper, more intense and unique relationship.

Do you believe in soulmates?
What is your definition of a soulmate?
Have you met your soulmate?
Are you instantly someone’s soulmate or do you grow to be soulmates?
What does a relationship between two soulmates look like? & does it always consist of romance?
Is the term soulmate a worldly term or is there a reference in the bible to the term soulmate?

Please respond, sharing your ideas and/or experiences with soulmates.


  1. Yes, I believe their is one person designed especially for me. I prefer the term spirit-mate. A term I’ve gotten from reading two of my favorite Christian writers. I believe God has just the right man for me, my spirit mate. Our spirits will connect because we both will have the Holy Spirit guiding us. We will compliment each other and add to the purpose God has chosen for our lives apart and together. I don’t buy into the reasoning that just because two people are Christians they are right for each other. But I do believe that the God in me will connect with the God in my future mate. No I don’t believe I have to test this on multiple people before I know its him (that’s worldly). I realize I answered strictly from a romance stance but that’s where my brain is right now, hahaha


    1. Thank you very much for your input. I love the fact you said that you don’t have to test it with multiple people. When God’s hand is in it, we know it!
      If you have an opportunity will you elaborate on your statement: “But I do believe that the God in me will connect with the God in my future mate.”
      Also, please let me know who the authors are that you are referring to.
      Thank you again for your response and keep moving forward in Him,


      1. Hi Tracie, sorry I’m just seeing this post. Yes, I believe the Holy Spirit will connect with the Holy Spirit of my future mate. Their is a spiritual connection that people of God should have that will let them know what relationships to enter into. after all, thats the purpose to be led by the Holy Spirit in ALL THINGS…EVEN dating and marriage. I’ve Tony Evans’ book, Living Single and Toure’ Roberts has a really good book Purpose Awakening and a youtube video about relationships. Check them out…they blessed me tremendously!!


      2. It’s great to hear from you. I enjoy listening to Tony Evans. Thank you for the reference, I don’t think of YouTube often but its a great tool. Thank you for the information & have an amazing day!

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  2. I’ve heard that there’s one person for everyone and I’ve heard there’s multiple people that could be someone’s future spouse. For me I know God brought me my husband and at the best time. I think that would define him as my soulmate. I think definition one defines my relationship with him because our temperments aren’t the same but compliment each other.
    As far as friendship I have a friend that I rarely connect with but when we do it’s as if we never were apart. This relationship is closer to definition two.


    1. We have similar experiences with spouses and friends. I think of the word soulmate as a worldly term trying to define equally yoked but since it’s worldly it isn’t totally understood and conforms to what it is wanted.
      I have a friend exactly a you describe too and appreciate all her prayers during those unseen times.

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  3. Yes, I absolutely do believe God has his hand on the one man for me. I don’t call him my soul mate but I like to call it my kingdom husband. Just as in some cultures, even today, have arranged marriages. I believe if we truly lean into God and trust him and get our hands off he has a specific one for us. I’m not into dating. I have been down that road and it did nothing but bring heartache.


    1. Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and sharing. You have a great term “Kingdom husband”. I am actually fascinated with the idea of arranged marriages, the concept eliminates the foolishness of infatuation and makes them face the true definition of love much quicker as some modern relationships quit instead of facing love as defined biblically. (don’t misunderstand, I am glad I didn’t experience an arranged marriage that was arranged by my family but I do believe mine was arranged by God) Thank you and I really enjoyed your input.

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      1. Yes, exactly! I wouldn’t necessarily want my family arranging my marriage but I adore the idea of God arranging my marriage. I want him to hand select him. I trust his love, wisdom and plan. I trust his heart, not mine.

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