Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile Store- Pawhuska, OK

When I combine our lifestyle of fulltime RV’ers and my husband behind the wheel I come up wtih: Adventure!

During our most recent travels I made the comment that “I have seen enough of I-40 for a while and would like different scenery.” We both prefer to stay off the interstates when possible for the purpose of seeing everything we can and keeping our travels filled with variety.

Snow Storm – South Dakota, March 2018

During this recent trip we ventured through a snow storm in South Dakota that closed the interstates minutes behind us. Thankfully we made it through but wish we didn’t have to experience the time we spent behind the swerving semi that covered 2 lanes for about 30 miles, enticing more intense white-knuckle driving during the way.

Pioneer Woman 5
We have hundreds or thousands of miles to reach our destination and we choose dirts roads for a change of scenery.

Since my husband prefers to take back roads like this during our travels he suggested on our return trip from the Plains states that he take me to see The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Oklahoma. I mapped his suggestion and as I expected, he was correct. His idea would not take us out of the way and would keep us off the interstates. So, I quickly agreed with his idea.

Once we arrived in Pawhuska Ok, we parked near this beautiful building that caught our eye. The local Chamber of Commerce fills the noticeable stone structure.

We moved down the street a block or so and parked in front of the Mercantile store. There was a line outside of approximately 20 guests when we arrived, waiting to dine. We chose to walk through the store first so we entered in the east entrance and was pleasantly greeted with a nice welcome. Instantly I saw exactly what I would be purchasing for my husband if he wasn’t with me. Since he was with me, I allowed him to make his own purchase (of the same item).

Lodge Charcoal Grill

After a stroll through the beautiful products we ventured upstairs for a glance at the bakery and sitting area. Very nicely done! This is a very comfortable environment to sit with a friend, two, or more and enjoy a cup of coffee or bakery item. Tables and chairs were seating options mixed with more casual seating of couches and chairs with wonderful sunlight coming through the exterior windows. I was interested in an early dinner myself so we moved back downstairs and saw no line for dining. We were seated immediately after we inquired about the patio seating. Our Border Collie/Australian Shepherd travels everywhere with us and we take advantage of patio seating whenever possible so he can be by our side. But it was explained that there was no service provided on the patio. After contemplating on ordering a meal to go then sitting with him outside, we decided that we would need to see a menu in order to make that decision so we sat inside. We were blessed enough to have a nice parking spot and a table by a window , making us able to see Tye from the window so it worked nicely for all.
The meal was absolutely delicious! We both enjoy the French Onion soup and shared a garden salad with the creamy vinaigrette dressing. I would love to have the recipe for this vinaigrette but haven’t located it in any of Pioneer Woman’s cookbooks yet, but am still searching. We also shared the Cowboy steak, twice baked potato and blistered green beans which was wonderful and served 2 very well.
A guest sitting across from us eagerly spoke up to give his dessert advice by suggesting we order the Prune cake. Since our tummies were full we ordered a piece of the Pecan Pie to-go. I am not much of a sweet person but I did steal a bit of the pie later and we both appreciated the delight.
Everyone was pleasant to deal with and we observed a smile is either required to be employed there or working there makes everyone smile. 😊 I know we were both smiling when our visit was finished. Our meal was priced very well, very pleasantly presented and served with a smiling face.

Pioneer Woman 2
Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile

This was a pleasant and relaxing afternoon.
We are fulltime RV’ers but the purpose of this particular trip caused us to park the RV and drive one vehicle. I am thankful we did or we wouldn’t have came across this cute little cottage. Not knowing how long we would drive into the night we decided to settle in Buffalo, Oklahoma and we located a very nice cottage to rent for the evening. The Wheatland Inn Suites.

As we arrived in the dark I took a quick morning walk in the sunlight to see my surroundings. Although I am only going on appearance, this town has a lot of empty businesses giving the impression that it may not seem to be very economically vibrant, at least not in the wintertime. The facility we rented was outstanding, absolutely adorable and more than sufficient. The nicely decorated remodel was neat, clean and well taken care of.
This cottage was extremely reasonable priced, small town environment, quiet neighborhood, 2 queen beds, full kitchen, patio area, fenced backyard and off-road parking. Behind and beside the house is a 6 Hookup RV Park. I am guessing this is probably used frequently during hunting season in this area.
Our travels through Oklahoma was very pleasant and comfortable.


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