What Movie Theme Does Your Dating Life Describe?

Dating is an experience for all involved. Some people do very little dating in their lives and others find themselves in the dating field more than they would like to. While others don’t want anything else but a dating lifestyle.

Whatever intentions we have for dating we should always stay conscience of the results that come from our journey. The results of our dating lifestyle help shape and form the foundation of future relationships and effect ourselves and others in many ways.

We can have fun with dating as we meet new people, experience activities and events that we typically wouldn’t attend by ourselves, build relationships and we can even find ourselves in situations that we didn’t intend. Our integrity, beliefs, self-respect and desires can be tested and lived out during our dating experiences. While our strengths, weaknesses and our true selves can be revealed through dating.

Quite frequently, singles will come to the frustrating conclusion that their dating life is simply a rut. We often tend to date in the same ways creating a dating cycle. If we are willing to have a little fun while thinking of dating, we can compare our dating experiences to movie themes.

Dating can be compared to a:

Thriller: A scare around each corner, keeping us on edge. It’s attention getting, fearful and makes us want to run.

Western: A long cattle drive that gets us nowhere and we always seem to have our emotional weapons loaded, feeling a need to constantly be on guard in case we feel a need to protect ourselves. It can be a whole lot of bull.

Sci Fi: Experiencing something from another world. We find ourselves trying to live out our imagination or discover we are a figment of someone else’s. It lacks reality and is far out there.

Comedy: Entertaining. Something that holds no or little meaning, not meant to take seriously, and is something to get a laugh from.

Romance: Filled with dreamy love, consumed with emotions followed by physical responses. But lacking the aspects of a well-rounded relationship. The “feel-good” experience drives the relationship but has no foundation of reality and serious issues, making the relationship a quick run.

Animated: Someone’s imagination that is choreographed and brought to life through a performance for the sake of someone’s entertainment.

Fairytale: Unrealistic dreams, sounds good to a dreamer but is fake and lacks reality.

Documentary: Something to learn from.

If we have dated at all, tears and laughter may develop as we reminisce over our personal experiences and we can probably put faces with some of these descriptions. Whether we date for fun or serious purposes all dating is an experience. An experience some desire, some fear, some make a lifestyle, some learn from, some run from and some never want to go back to.

No matter what we experience, no matter what our purpose is for dating, everyone that participates gives a part of themselves away when dating.

It takes maturity to date with purpose and is something to be serious about when doing as we have a lot at stake when dating; ourselves.

Please share your movie themed dating thoughts.


  1. My dating life was over 47 years ago and my first date with my husband was to the movie, “True Grit.” Til death do us part. It was a western, but it didn’t take us “no where”. It was and so has been our marriage more like a Documentary, always learning.

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