Where Does Our Confidence Rest?

Imagine a time when you absolutely wanted to accomplish something. You were driven, pulled and consumed with the idea of achieving something that was huge to you at the time.
Someone supporting you would say something to the effect, “You can do anything that you set your mind to.” Or “If you want it bad enough, you will work hard enough to get it.”

The words of encouragement are typical and are said with heartfelt support for your good. I think of all the times I have said similar words to someone with the intent of encouragement. But what was I actually saying? “You can do anything that you set your mind to….”
We can set our minds on a lot of things that do not have eternal value, on things that only matter in this world and on things that can drive our focus away in distraction.
I remember a time when my employer was filtering positions and experiencing a major reorganization throughout the entire company. I took it as an opportunity to change positions and applied for a job outside of my current department. My Supervisor never asked me how I felt about the reorganization of the company or took the time to inquire my outlook about my future. After my interview, she excitedly said “Congratulations, you wanted that position, you went in there claiming it as yours and took it.” She responded as if my confidence was in myself and my desire for the new position landed me the job.
We can take this in the direction of where our desires lay. We all have desires and wants but instead, I want to address where our confidence rest.
When we are working towards a goal or ambition, what drives us? What is the source of our energy, determination and motivation to put our inspiration into action?
Does our confidence rest in:
The depth of our desires?
Our ambition?
Our ability?
Our performance?
Our own will?
Are these appropriate places for our confidence to be? If not, where should our confidence rest?

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  1. I was just thinking on how amazed I am that today (April 13th) marks my 26th anniversary of being smoke free because it was so hard to do then, but you could not pay me to smoke again. I was getting ready to blog about it and wanted to come say hey!
    Me and God love you! And that beautiful moon!
    PS… Congrats on that job position!

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