Stuffed French Toast

If I make French Toast for breakfast, my husband is going to want meat on the side so why not put it together and smear a little cream cheese in the midst and call it Stuffed French Toast?

Stuffed French Toast is not something I make frequently. I have never calculated the calories in this breakfast and don’t want to…..

1 Ingredients

I like things simple. I used:

Hawaiian Sweet Bread



cooked bacon (ham is a great meat to use also)

cream cheese


This is simply making a sandwich by spreading the cream cheese on a slice of bread, adding the cooked meat and placing together as you would a sandwich.

Heat your skillet to approximately 325 degrees and melt the butter.

3 Prepped

Scramble the egg in a shallow, wide bowl. Soak the sandwich on both sides in the egg mixture and place in the hot skillet.

After the first side has browned, flipover and cook until both sides are browned. Total cook time should be approximately 6-8 minutes.

6 Finished7 Finished with topping

Serve with butter, syrup or Strawberry Sauce.

Simple! Calorie filled and delicious!



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