Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Flowers and new life! Roses, pansies, primrose, lilies, grass turns green and the trees awake from their dormant state. The dry deserts show vegetation life as the cactus, trees and desert poppies become vibrant in front of the mountains as the sun brightens their blue and purple shades. My husband calls this, purple mountain majesty.

Everything comes alive!

There are a lot of spring break vacations being planned to sneak out of the hibernation period from that winter sluggish as we try to keep our mind, body and spirits alive. The grounds are moist and the sun is bright supporting a skip in our step.

Spring is a time to clean our glass barriers and get the dust off the window sills, but besides spring cleaning, spring is the time for:

Brisk walks


Baseball games

Kite flying

Bike riding

Getting off the treadmill and enjoying a walk in the park

Garden planning

Changing things up by starting a new devotional plan

A visit to the zoo and botanical gardens

Getting a new mentor or mentee

Inviting friends and their children over for outdoor crafts in the backyard


Horseback riding

A change of Sunday School classes at Church

A change of route we walk our dogs

Outdoor music festivals

Getting the outdoor furniture out and inviting the friends over

Volunteering – a homebound neighbor needs help with their yardwork & animal shelters always need help

Eliminate the possibility of routines becoming ruts by stepping out and soak in the Vitamin D wisely while staying active and healthy; mind, body & soul.

Don’t forget to invite a new acquaintance to join you in a spring activity and make a new friend.



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