Monument Valley, Arizona

What do you do with amazing opportunities?

Many amazing opportunities have knocked on our door recently and we take them, thank the Lord and enjoy them! Recently, we had another blessing set upon us of unexpected time being added to our travels. This developed into a surprising stop at Monument Valley. Although my parents took me to Monument Valley as a child in the ‘70’s, I don’t remember any details of the event, making this was an experience that my husband and I got to enjoy as a new venture for both of us.

Pictures of Monument Valley are in abundance. We see them frequently in still photos, paintings and many movies. This is no reason to pass up a chance to see this landscape in person.

Monument Valley 8Monument Valley NoMonument Valley 3IMG_20180409_102105332.jpgIMG_20180408_191203264_HDR.jpg

We typically enjoy exploring on our own but since we changed things up recently in Canyon De Chelly and took a jeep tour of the canyon that paid off extremely well, we figured we would go ahead and take a “Goulding Tour” of Monument Valley. This tour was also a good choice as it provided good information, was a time to relax, and we were able to see parts of the Valley that we would not have been able to drive through without a tour guide.

We found the history of Mr. Goulding riding horse back in the 1920’s and coming across Monument Valley extremely interesting. Imagine, riding and riding for days. Then appearing before you is a view like this:

Monument Valley - view from the GouldingsMonument Valley - Window

Even more interesting was how Hollywood discovered the Valley as being such an amazing place to shoot movies…spoiler alert: Mr. Goulding gets the credit for this. While visiting Monument Valley, all of this information is shared at the Goulding home which is now the Goulding Museum. If you are a John Wayne fan, you don’t want to miss this museum!


Trading Post
Museum 2
Goulding’s Kitchen
Museum 1
Goulding’s Living space
John Waynes Cabin
John Wayne’s Cabin
Gouldings Trading Post
Goulding’s home and Trading Post (Currently the Museum)
Monument Valley -Gouldings
View approaching Goulding’s establishments


Mr. and Mrs. Goulding moved into the area in the 1920’s to build their lives there. They set up their tent with this view:

Goulding view

Relax, they didn’t live in the tent forever. Only while they built their home and their business of a trading post.  

During our visit, we parked our RV at the Goulding RV Park and had an extremely pleasant stay while enjoying the views, the weather, the people and the space we received. I especially enjoyed slowing down and soaking in the newest view from my living room window. As you can see, I also had breakfast prepared for me as my husband took time to make me another cast iron meal.

Monument Valley Breakfast 1

 A visit to Monument Valley doesn’t have to be a long visit but shouldn’t be passed up!



  1. This is o
    ne place I have been through and will be going through again this year on the way to our mission trip destination. It is amazing how something so desolate can be so beautiful.

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