Can You Be in 4 Places at Once and Be the Only One Doing so at the Time?

Do you have memories consisting of quick moments that made a lasting impression on you as a youngster?

In the early ‘70’s I remember my father telling me to stand on the symbol that was directly in front of me. As I did so, he told me: “You are standing in 4 states at once and you are the only person doing so at this moment. This is the only place this can be done.”

I was the only person experiencing something at that particular moment! In general this idea really doesn’t matter but it singled me out at the moment and provided me an outlook of being set apart.

I can be different. I can do things differently than other people. I can have a thought process that is set apart from general society. I do not have to do as the crowd does. These ideas didn’t develop until years later but they are all true! Including the fact that God has given each one of us the opportunity to be set apart.   

Recently, my husband’s job took us on another journey and this one came with options. I was able to choose any place I wanted to go in the United States. I quickly chose Colorado. Since we were in Arizona at the time, my husband informed me that it had been quite sometime since he had been to the 4 Corners and would like to stop on the way. Asking if I minded a simple stop on our journey, I informed him that I was there years ago and briefly remember my father’s words and I found it interesting to go back again after more than 40 years.

I do not remember how the symbol at the center point of the 4 states appeared but I did read the symbol has been replaced since I had been there last. Views of Shiprock Mountain in New Mexico and the La Plata Mountains in Colorado can be viewed from the 4 Corners of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. Modern day shopping replaces the traditional trading post for handmade Indian jewelry and other handmade Native American items are available for sale too. And for me the quick blast of a memory was nice.

If you have an urge and a chance to do something different and be something unique, stand out for a brief moment and stand in 4 states at once and be the only one doing so at the time!

How do you stand out from worldly ways?

How does that special person that made or currently makes an impression on your life, appear to be set apart from worldly ways?  


  1. So do the Native Americans no longer man the many booths around the area? That was one of the things I found enjoyable there as we visited with them. We are planning to take our team by there on our way to AZ.


    1. I apologize if I wasn’t clear. They do man their own booths. I found many handmade items that I would have enjoyed and did buy some beautiful book marks while there by a vendor known as the”Bookmark lady”. Ask around when you get there and check them out.

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