Father’s Day

Many Father’s Day emotions are being shared as the upcoming Sunday brings feelings and memories to each individual.

Some of us rejoice with nothing but praise and fond memories we hold onto. We can’t wait to make that phone call to our fathers or give a gift to show appreciation for caring behavior and security he provided through the years while preparing us to be adults. And we are assured he is still there for us today.

Some of us fear this day, shoving dreadful emotions away as we fight bitterness and anger of what he exposed us to or the expectations we held but missed out on.

Some of us have balanced emotions of this day or even have forgiving hearts and appreciate this time to reminisce on emotional and spiritual growth the relationship with our fathers have resulted in.

You may be one that has the privilege of being excited about making your acknowledgment of love and appreciation through a phone call on Sunday or your appearance at that family dinner planned to celebrate your father. You may be one that is dreading the event and may even be contemplating not making that obligated phone call or hoping to only get his voicemail when you get the courage to dial. Or you may not be able to contact your father any longer, due to his death or maybe you never met your father.

Whether rejoicing comes easy or bitterness is overwhelming or we mourn on Father’s Day, God the Father needs to be part of our Father’s Day. If we have reason to rejoice over our earthly father, we need to be thanking the Lord. If we have difficulty finding a reason to rejoice and the day brings emotional wounds, (that satan wants us to hold onto and an earthly father can’t heal) we have the opportunity to pray for him while we take our feelings of pain to the Lord and surrender them. And if we don’t have anyone to call and praise on this day, we need to think again.

Whatever our situation, we can’t take our eyes off The Father!


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