A Curious Question?

As Fulltime RV’ers, we frequently get told that what we do is something that people dream about.

Soon after those words are spoken, words similar to these usually close the conversation:“I dream of traveling fulltime, but I’ve been at my job for so long, I couldn’t think of changing jobs now”

“I dream of traveling fulltime, but I can’t comprehend the idea of not having a physical home in one location.”

“I dream of traveling, hopefully I get to travel some when I retire.”

“What you do seems exciting but I couldn’t actually do it if given the chance.”

Traveling doesn’t interest everyone and a lifestyle of consist travel is definitely not for everyone. There was a time in our lives that traveling half as much as we do now would not have been possible. But I still want to ask, If you desire to travel and were given the opportunity, would you live the Fulltime Traveling Lifestyle?

If not, what would keep you from doing so?

If so, what would it take for you to be able to move forward with your dream?

Do you see fulltime traveling as an experience with a time limit or a new lifestyle?

If you currently travel fulltime, feel free to share your advice/experience. Ex: pros and cons of traveling fulltime vs having a home in one stable location.


  1. Dan would like to travel in retirement and go to churches and places to volunteer time doing projects for them. I think it would be good, but would also like to still have my house to call home and go to sometimes.

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    1. I understand the desire to keep a structured home and am thankful we have 2 properties, both near our grandkids in different parts of the country to pull into during non work times. Although we found that we don’t spend much time at either location. Volunteering is something we thought we were giving up when we took to the road but have discovered volunteers are welcome almost everywhere. You brought up two very good points and concerns to fulltime traveling. Thank you!

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