Durango, Colorado

Durango sits in the Southwestern portion of Colorado in La Plata County. Formed in 1880, Durango is an amazing vacation spot for the fishermen, outdoor enthusiast and anyone that loves the wild west history and rugged mountain atmosphere. 

Things to check out in Durango:

·         The Strater Hotel (If you love history, you will enjoy the atmosphere and décor)

·         Mild to Wild Rafting

·         Animas River

·         Fishing, Rainbow, German Brown, Cutthroat Trout, Northern Pike and Kokanee Salmon

·         The Leland House (was suggested to us to see but we were unable to visit)

·         The Pinkerton Hot Spring

·         The Fish Hatchery

·         Jean Pierre Bakery & Wine Bar

·         Baker’s Bridge, where the town of Animas formed prior to Durango

The Animas River runs through town and is an active location for residents and visitors along with quite a few homeless. A sidewalk runs parallel to the river through portions of town and was busy with joggers, walkers, and others like us that were simply enjoying a stroll on a sun filled weekday morning while sharing the peace of the water flowing and birds singing.

In this territory it wasn’t too surprising to find a few deer grazing in front yards. This should give an idea of how much wildlife we saw just a few miles outside of the active population.  

The Strater Hotel is a place to visit if you want to walk among history. The décor is fabulous. During the few minutes I spent in the lobby, I watched people walk in, slow their pace and stand in awe as they allowed themselves to soak in a slow gaze of their surroundings. Soon they were telling their company “Look at this.” “Wow, look at this.”, “Isn’t this beautiful.” The service was gracious, polite and informative. The staff loves to tell their story of history which includes John F Kennedy holding speeches in the conference rooms and Louis L’amour’s room #222 where he repeatedly rented the room to write many of his books. We were able to visit room #222 and enjoyed the overlook of downtown Durango along with the fine décor.

Jean Pierre’s Bakery and Wine Bar is located a few feet away on the same block and was nothing less than a beautiful combination of rustic elegance. We received wonderful service and delightful food for an enjoyable light lunch among tasteful style.  

Whether wild adventure is your thing or something a little calmer will do. Our rafting experience of the Animas River with Mild to Wild was excellent and just the right degree of adventure for me. I am sure Tye would disagree with me. Once he got his doggie lifejacket on, he knew he was being prepared for a new experience and he was ready! 

Knowing there is many other sites and activities available in Durango, I don’t believe we missed out in anyway during our stay. 


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