You Are Worth More!

Do you ever struggle with who you are?

Do you accept how others see you?

Who are you allowing to shape and form you?

Do you insult the one that God created?

How do you view yourself?

I want to share a message covering a topic that many people struggle with sometime in their life. Actually, I believe some people spend their lifetime fighting to accept their true identity. And not accepting who we truly are is the root of many bad relationships, emotional pain and chaos.

The message attached is approximately 40 minutes in length. Understanding that time is precious to all of us, I still encourage taking the time. Until we truly know who we are, we cannot live to our fullest and we insult our Maker.

If the message doesn’t apply directly to you, you certainly know someone that it does apply to. The video within the message makes an amazing point and most of us have been sitting in both chairs sometime in our life.

The message is shared by a guest speaker and has guest authored a few blog posts on my blog. I personally know Lynnette and am extremely proud of her and not simply because she is my sister. It takes an obedient and humble heart to share a message for the glory of God.

Please share your thoughts after viewing.

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