Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado

During our recent drive through Highway 160 in southwestern Colorado, we made our journey through Wolf Creek Pass. While crossing the Continental Divide, I found it difficult to keep my eyes on the road. The view I was passing through was filled with awe and I wanted to soak it in. The mountainous pine trees stood thick in the forest among the ridged rock. Although it has to be done with caution, pull offs are sparsely available to catch a beautiful glimpse of the lush landscape below.

As I stood near the edge, I could sense a stillness as I looked for miles. At the same time, knowing there is movement of unseen life and rushing waterfalls within the wilderness I am surrounded by. 

Overlook on Wolfcreek Pass 4-2018

Dry air and sunshine fills the land below but snow falls above in any intervals it chooses. During a period of 4 days we made this trip twice. We experienced multiple seasons during the extensive climate change, including snow fall during one drive and clear blue skies the next.

As I look back on the pictures of this recent trip, I have to admit, I am thankful for the pictures and see the grand beauty they captured but they don’t come close to the experience of Wolf Creek Pass. 

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