Welcome to Church?

As fulltime travelers, we constantly attend different churches across the country. We are the visitors that walk in the door on Sunday and due to our travels, you may never see us again. Or you may briefly get to know us for a few weeks during Sunday services or a weekly class. We will share with you and hope you share with us and your churches needs will be on our prayer list. Soon, because of our travels, we will disappear from your area. No matter the length of stay, I am confident you will know that we appreciated your open doors of hospitality while we were visitors to your community and to your church.

During our many experiences as 1st time visitors, we have seen a variety of ways Welcome Committees are successful. Unfortunately, we have also experienced the lack of hospitality to the same degree. Surprisingly, it has been in churches in rural areas and with approximately 40-50 attendees in the congregation. These unwelcomed experiences have brought wonder as to how someone, whether, new to a particular church or new to “The Church” would feel if they received the same lack of welcome.

A lack of welcome won’t keep my husband and I from worshipping. But …

What does it do to the one that is stepping forward blindly, into a surrounding that is unfamiliar to them, to seek Jesus?

What does it do to the one that is a first-time visitor to “The Church”?

Does your church have a welcoming committee?

Should it matter if visitors feel welcome in a church?

Whether seeking their Savior for spiritual healing, a spiritual relationship or a new church home, would a 1st time visitor return to your church?

Please share,

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