Mall of America – Minneapolis Minnesota

I dread shopping as much as a commuter dreads rush hour traffic! So, how enjoyable could a visit to the Mall of America be to me?  

Recently, I found myself on a short visit in Minneapolis and in need of an electronic store. A Google search indicated I would find Best Buy at the Mall of America.

My first thought was, “A mall of that size! Do I have to?”

My second thought was backed by the maximizer in me stepping forward with, “I have limited time in Minneapolis, so why not make the most of it?”

Soon, I, the “mouse clicking shopper” jumped in my car and was following Google Maps to the Mall of America.

As a fulltime traveler, I end up at shopping centers of all sizes more frequently than I prefer. And quite frequently, I find vacant store fronts and a low volume of foot traffic. These two findings make sense with today’s ways of shopping powered by technology and busy lifestyles. 

Would the Mall of America be an average ghost mall as most shopping centers have become?

The Mall is located in a heavy traffic area, near the airport. The freeway took me directly to the parking garage with ample parking available. I instantly noticed the grounds appeared to be freshly swept. The sidewalks and pavement surprised me with the clean conditions. They practically sparkled.

As I entered the mall, I realized I really have no idea exactly how large this mall is or where I was in comparison to the front of the mall or how close I was to the store of my intended purpose. So I located a mapping station immediately.

I am here

The map was extremely similar to Google Maps and I could have simply used my phone in “walk” mode for the same information but didn’t think of that option. I was impressed with their use of modern technology and from what I have witness elsewhere, most malls don’t have the business to bother with a similar investment.

Since I couldn’t carry the map with me, after a few steps, I couldn’t remember the exact directions. So I did what the average lost person does. I wondered aimlessly until I felt like John Wesley Powell discovering the Grand Canyon for the first time when I stumbled upon the amusement park. Now I wish I had the grandkids with me to enjoy this.

Amusement Park – Mall of America
Amusement Park – Mall of America
Amusement Park – Mall of America

I strolled around for a while walking through one of multiple food courts enjoying someone’s ideas and dreams put into reality for others to enjoy.

As I was on my casual stroll, I couldn’t help but notice how clean the entire mall is. The walk ways, the food court and the restrooms were clean! Every area that my eyes scanned, was clean and twinkled as if there was a dusting of glitter tossed on the surface. Of course, the décor helps in this concept but in reality, I seen it as extremely clean. Especially, when I consider all the people that visit this mall, cleanliness must be a top priority.

Mall of America
Mall of America

The atmosphere was so pleasant, I even stayed for lunch and treated myself to Chick Fil A. Great service was provided at the counter and a host for Chick Fil A carried that great service in the food court, where I sat by a wall of windows looking outside. Ah huh, I discovered the front of the mall with the airport in the distance.

As I enjoyed the view of Minneapolis from above ground level, I noticed school buses dropping off children. Its May, so I am assuming school is still in session? I asked around and discovered, field trips to the Mall of America is typical for Minnesota children to experience. Hmm…. that amusement park!

During my visit, I discovered the Mall of America lacks vacant space, is full of restaurants of all levels, stores that have existed for many years, newer ones that I have never heard of and multiple Minnesota themed stores. I found The Mall of America extremely enjoyable, I felt safe and I will say again, Clean!



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