Duluth, Minnesota

A sun filled day at Duluth!

American Hockey Hall of Fame Eveleth Minn

After leaving Eveleth Minnesota, the home of The United States Hockey Hall of Fame, we took advantage of this beautiful sunshiny day and journeyed to Duluth.


While traveling downhill towards the downtown area, Lake Superior was coming into view and a huge brown stone building stood out among the city. The distinct building appeared well maintain but its drab appearance caught my attention and seemed to date the structure. As we allowed our curiosity to lead us, we discovered this building is the Duluth Central High School and was built in 1892. The school recently closed in 2011 and during its life, Richard Nixon made a visit during his presidential campaign in 1954.

Once we made our way to the canal park we discovered Duluth is another community filled with homeless. Exiting my car but prior to getting my feet on the Lake Ave sidewalk we were greeted by our first resident of the town, asking for money. This continued throughout the day.

We moved forward into our day by strolling through the lakefront area and discovered Bellisio’s Italian Restaurant. The weather was perfect for a lunch on the patio and taking the waitresses advice when ordering landed me a Lobster Ravioli with Grilled Shrimp dish that is worth mentioning. The delicate pasta with smooth creamy lobster sauce light enough for a warm day. And finished with grilled shrimp large enough to be its own meal, was deliciously satisfying. I am a little spoiled.

Dutluth Entertaiment Convention center
Duluth Entertainment Convention Center

College students working at the restaurant gave us a brief standstill tour of our surroundings. With a few gestures consisting of hand waving in one direction or the other, they explained the beach on the other side of the Ariel bridge, Great Lakes Aquarium and the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center where the local college plays hockey, clarifying that hockey is “The Sport” in Duluth.

Aerial Lift Bridge
Aerial Lift Bridge – Duluth Minn

One of our interest that drove us to Duluth was the Aerial Lift Bridge that was constructed with a pass through in 1901-1905 but in 1929 the bridge was modified to lift the roadway.

IrvinIrvin 1
Another one of our focuses was the William A. Irvin museum that is retired in the harbor. The ship is closed for the season for restoration and is scheduled to reopen in 2019.

We ended our afternoon with a rest on Lake Superior – The bright blue sky was beautiful over the water with a breeze that was just as nice. I found the water to be extremely cold but refreshing to rest by. Although others were swimming, I was watching the sailboats in the far distance as a pleasant commotion of activity was all around us. A train chugged past to the west, families enjoying carriage rides behind us to the south and people of all ages were relaxing with their feet in the water until a wave would approach, then everyone would swiftly bolt backwards a few feet with giggly fear.

If Tye could use a keyboard, he would have his own blog detailing his adventures!

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