What’s in Wisconsin?

When I was told my husbands, job was going to take us through Wisconsin, I questioned “What’s in Wisconsin?”, knowing that he will find us something to do during any time he may get away from work. Granted, if we were going to be near that famous football field during our visit, I would instantly know what we would be doing but our path wasn’t going near that territory.

Our time in Wisconsin only called for a straight drive through the state as we went from point A to point B, both points existing in border states. The only experience either of us have had in Wisconsin was, my husband attending one Green Bay game a few years ago. Making, Wisconsin unchartered territory for both of us and when we have an opportunity to juggle time to explore, we find a way to juggle time!

Wisconsin April 2018

If you are a regular reader, you are aware that when possible, we prefer to take roads other than the interstate for our travels. A drive in the country brought us to a nice creek to take a quick break from driving.

Once we moseyed on our way, we discovered Wisconsin Dells. A small town of less than 6,000. I couldn’t image what a town of this size could have for my husband to occupy his sense of adventure with. Well, it’s the Dells!

The Dells is what got this community on the map and is the reason the population increases the summer months with more than 4 million people stopping by.

The next question I had was, “What’s the Dells?”

Wisconsin dellsDells.JPG

The Dells is a section of the Wisconsin River that narrows for about 5 miles. The banks are filled with sandstone formations and a few canyons. Riverboat cruises are available to tour the South Dells and the North Dells. It was recommended to us, “If you can only tour one end, tour the North end.”

WI Dells eagle

We toured both and do understand why that was said. But we did enjoy both and see that they both have different offerings. If we would have taken the advice we were given, we would have missed out seeing the bald eagle on the South tour.

Wisconsin Dells (3)Tye

Tye on the Riverboat

The North tour has places to get off the boat and walk to explore and the Witches Gulch is something you don’t want to miss. I truly enjoyed this walk. Both tours explain the history of the Dells while the North tour has a little more history to share including some interesting photography history.

A quick video of a portion of our return on the North Dells.

Although the Dells are all we had time for, we asked around about other options the town has.

We discovered the town is known for its family attractions such as, a huge water park and a Lumberjack show. This town seems to be a success for family vacations.

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