Travel Journals

As I journal our travels, memories occasionally appear in my mind of the 1970’s.  Periodically, my family would visit my grandparents’ house 1700 miles away. During our visits, I remember my grandmother setting up the slide projector and screen. After a family dinner with all of us intimately gathered around the dining room table as a family, we would move ourselves to the tidy, elegant and formal living room. The type of atmosphere that creates an instant awareness of being on your best behavior no matter your age. We would quietly focus as grandma narrated their many trips and adventures they experienced since the year prior when we last gathered and done the same.   

As my grandmother eagerly shared my grandparents travel adventures during their days, I, along with many others share ours today by the way of online travel journals filled with the same excitement of our adventures. We haven’t changed but our ways have. Technology has developed and we do the same things, more frequently, and virtually with no or minumal limits of the audience.

How did your family share experiences in past generations?

What other activities do we do, as past generations did but that expand past the intimate family setting today?


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